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DSi XL: A Good Thing in a Not-as-Small Package

by Eileen Cruzon February 2, 2011
Bottom Line I’ve been happy with the leap from the DS to the DSi XL. If this is your first entry into Nintendo’s gaming systems or you’re a collector of portable game devices, the larger screens and better speakers make this a solid purchase. Review DSi XL vs. DS Lite: Size Comparison The DSi XL […]

"The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks": The Little Train That Could and Does

by Eileen Cruzon February 2, 2011
Bottom Line The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a fun and satisfying journey. The game corrects pacing issues found in the previous series entry and contains some interesting story and game play twists. Review In this latest foray into the Wind Waker mythology, descendants of Link and Tetra must embrace their destiny as Hyrule, […]

Cool Stuff: The Real Legend of Zelda 3

by Eileen Cruzon February 1, 2011
The Real Legend of Zelda is a series of parody shorts created by Jerry Padilla. The three shorts were created years apart and it’s fascinating to watch him evolve as an animator and director with each. The graphics in the third are noticeably better than the first two. The shots are well-framed and more complicated. […]

Cool Stuff: de Blob 2 - The Astronaut

by Eileen Cruzon January 28, 2011
It’s time for more cross-media video game fun! In The Astronaut, Blob visits the Graydian Employment Office to choose space as his career path. He immediately realizes his mistake as he’s attacked by mechanical arms and transported to a space station. He meets danger as he’s sent outside in a space suit with solar panels but […]

Cool Stuff: Final Fantasy A+

by Eileen Cruzon January 24, 2011
We’re going to keep it light on the blog with a video game themed week! Today’s Cool Stuff features the Final Fantasy A+ short, a tribute to the Final Fantasy universe. John Su created this as the final project for his high school Japanese class in 2003 and uploaded it to Newgrounds in 2004. It’s not […]

"Metropia": An Underwhelming Underground

by Eileen Cruzon January 4, 2011
Metropia takes us into the alternate near-future of 2024 Europe, sometime after the depletion of our natural resources and a severe economic crash. A massive subway network has emerged, connecting the all of the countries throughout the continent. Roger, our paranoid and emotionally castrated protagonist, swears his mind is invaded by a stranger’s voice whenever […]

Clone Wars Adventures - Part 1

by Eileen Cruzon December 1, 2010
Intro Lounge Lightsaber Duel: In this game you’re allowed to choose between a campaign or multi-player mode. Campaign mode pits you against a series or pre-determined characters, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu and eventually Anakin Skywalker. Three battles are available for free, with 11 requiring paid Jedi level membership.The game’s difficulty increases as you work […]

Cool Stuff: Alexis Wanneroy - Character Animation Reel

by Eileen Cruzon November 30, 2010
Are you up for watching an animation reel? I sure am! Today we’ll be looking at the work of character animator, Alexis Wanneroy. He graduated Gobelins in 2003 and is currently  working on Dreamworks’ Guardians. Wanneroy’s largely impressive filmography includes credits on Valiant (2005), Flushed Away (2006), Bee Movie (2007), Kung Fu Panda (2008), Madagascar: Escape 2 […]

Cool Stuff: Le Royaume

by Eileen Cruzon November 2, 2010
Le Royaume (The King and the Beaver) is yet another gorgeously animated short from Gobelins that will have you wondering exactly how in the hell any group of people could be allowed to be that talented. In the short, a king presents a beaver with an axe so that so that it might build his majesty […]

Cool Stuff: Un tour de Manège

by Eileen Cruzon October 26, 2010
Un tour de Manège is a beautiful short, full of fluid, luscious color that dances about your screen. In it, a young girl plays on a floating merry-go-round, when suddenly a wind causes the carousel to drift away the from the dock to which it was connected, separating the girl from her mother. The entire […]