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CN Upfront: New Afterschool Block and Fridays Block in 2007-UPDATED

by Benon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network in September 2007 will launch a new after-school block to be called Master Control, the network says. The block’s web site will include a game, and players can choose one of four teams. Each week the team with the most voters will be able to manipulate the schedule for that week by choosing […]

Cartoon Network Upfront 2007 Complete Coverage (Updated)

by Benon February 15, 2007
Cartoon Network has posted an online preview of their upfront presentation in New York tomorrow, and Toon Zone News is on it. Check back tomorrow for more as Toon Zone News’ Chris Wood reports from the presentation on-site. Links to all of Toon Zone News’ coverage so far can be found here: CN Upfront: “Flapjack,” […]

CN Upfront: "Naruto" Movie Coming to CN

by Benon February 14, 2007
An online preview of Cartoon Network’s upfront presentation reveals the network will run a Naruto “premiere movie event.” No details were available about whether the “event” would feature one of the theatrical Japanese Naruto films, but stay tuned tomorrow as Toon Zone brings you on-site coverage of the upfront presentation itself. Stay with Toon Zone […]

YouTube Agrees to Japanese Warning

by Benon February 12, 2007
In a Feb. 6 meeting with 23 representative of JASRAC, a Japanese copyright alliance, YouTube management agreed to place a warning against illegally uploading copyrighted content on its homepage in Japanese, Tokyo Anime Center reports. However, the site management replied it would be “extremely difficult” to provide copyright holders with full names and personal information […]

Yuri Norstein Helps Found Tokyo Animation School

by Benon February 12, 2007
The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that Russian animator Yuri Norstein will support the founding of the “Small School of Art Animation” in Asagaya, Tokyo in April by paying annual visits to the school and evaluating the work of its students. Mr. Norstein, now 65, is one of Russia’s most influential animators, and perhaps his most prominent […]

New Makoto Shinkai Film Opens March 3 in Japan

by Benon February 7, 2007
The new anthology film from director Makoto Shinkai (The Place Promised in Our Early Days), 5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance, will premiere at Cinema Rise in Shibuya, Tokyo, on March 3, opening the same day at eight theaters across Japan. The three components of the film are called […]

Museum Celebrates 30 Years of "Corocoro," Anthology of "Pokemon," "Doraemon" and More

by Benon February 7, 2007
The Suginami Animation Museum in Tokyo will host an exhibition beginning Feb. 27 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launch of Shogakukan’s Corocoro Comic manga magazine in 1977. The anthology helped popularize children’s comic phenomenons including Pokemon, Beyblade and Doraemon. Earlier franchises included Kaibutsu-kun and Obake no Q-taro. The free event is aimed at […]

"Colbert Report" Comments on ATHF Boston Scare

by Benon February 4, 2007
Last week, Stephen Colbert of the satirical pundit show The Colbert Report read a segment about the recent Boston bomb scare that turned out to be a stunt for the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. recent Boston bomb scare

"Tales from Earthsea" Topped Japanese Box Office in 2006

by Benon February 1, 2007
Variety reports that Tales from Earthsea (Gedo Senki), the Studio Ghibli film directed by Goro Miyazaki, was the No. 1 box office hit in Japan for 2006, earning $63.2 million. Fifth was Death Note: The Last Name, a live action film based on the manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, with $43 million. Notably, […]

New "Slayers" Feature for R2 DVD Buyers

by Benon January 30, 2007
Customers who purchase all three of the upcoming Japanese DVD releases of the Slayers TV series will receive a copy of an all-new “theatrical-quality” Slayers feature focusing on a romance between Lina and Gourry in the southern islands, reads an article in the latest Dragon Magazine according to Anime News Service. The opening theme will […]