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Avi Melman and Michael Reaves Talk "Guardians of Luna"

by Benon January 5, 2005
A new show is on the way from Avi Melman (Cybergraphix Animation) and Michael Reaves (Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles). It’s called Guardians of Luna, and Toon Zone sat down with Melman and Reaves for an exclusive first peek at this show, which, Reaves says, is “pushing the envelope the same way that Gargoyles and […]

A Profound, Gentle, Beautiful Children’s Cartoon–About a "Doggy Poo"

by Benon July 25, 2004
Doggy Poo is a tender story about a tender turd left behind on a country road. The poo chats with a bird, a clump of soil, a leaf, a chicken, and a dandelion before realizing his lifelong aspiration to become fertilizer. Done laughing? Good, because underneath the admittedly bizarre premise of this Korean children’s cartoon […]

"Cutting Edge Classics" Mostly Delightful Despite Rough Edges

by Benon July 5, 2004
An uneven collection of festival animation gathered from around the globe, Spike and Mike’s Cutting Edge Classics showcases a number of engaging shorts that have a professional sheen. But it’s a mixed bag at best, with many entries that suffer from amateurishness or a lack of budget. Not that this is always a bad thing—you […]

"Shrek 2" Fun, But Lacks Element of Surprise

by Benon May 23, 2004
The first Shrek startled all who saw it. It was a truly funny film that made the leap every cartoon dreams of, from the dungeon of “children’s entertainment” to the blessed, lucrative waters of the mainstream. Its method was a mix of overturned expectations, visual parody and sheer fun. Now the sequel has arrived, and […]

"Astro Boy" Still Dazzles, Even as Adaptation Disappoints

by Benon January 8, 2004
When I heard that Kids WB would be the network broadcasting the 2003 reincarnation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, arguably the first anime ever made, my reaction was typical: I groaned. Kids WB has a long record of heavily adapting their anime to account for their image of American audience preferences. They were responsible for […]

"SGC2C" Still Serving Up Portions of Postmodern Mayhem the Size of Shatner’s Ass

by Benon November 17, 2003
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast returns with new episodes in November, including “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” which guest stars William Shatner. Three Toon Zone reviewers look at the episode and find that they have one more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Twage: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is a true original. Plopping […]

TZ Reviews: "Millennium Actress" Points the Way to 2-D Animation’s Future

by Benon September 8, 2003
The mainstream press insists that time is up for ink and paint. “Traditional animation” that is, hand-drawn animation, has become obsolete in the face of new computer-generated techniques, they say. But I say don’t lose hope just yet. Riding in like a samurai on a white horse, Satoshi Kon has given us Millennium Actress, proving […]

TZ Reviews "Kai Doh Maru": Stunning Beauty Can’t Save Weak Story

by Benon July 28, 2003
Kai Doh Maru is a film best described by one of its villains. As she looks down on a poisoned river filled with floating bodies, her companion asks her how she likes the view. “It’s quite atmospheric,” she responds. I.G. Plus produced Kai Doh Maru, and like their last project, Blood: The Last Vampire, Kai […]

TZ Reviews: "Voices of a Distant Star"

by Benon June 19, 2003
With the ever-increasing availability of easy-to-use software, the independent animation industry is experiencing a renaissance, and, naturally, that renaissance is growing most quickly in Japan, the quantitative powerhouse of world animation. Along with the new technology comes the ability for literally one person to create high-quality animation out of his or her home. One of […]