"Tales of Phantasia: The Animation": Video Games Can Be Watched Too

Myths are timeless. Created long ago to explain the origin and the inner workings of the world, they’re told and retold to teach and entertain. Mythic stories can take many different forms, from oral tradition to epic poetry to an animated movie based on a video game. That’s where Tales of Phantasia: The Animation comes […]

"The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" - The Littler Mermaid

I have to admit, I’m a little confused by Disney’s thinking in regards to its The Little Mermaid DVD releases. Just last summer, they released a new prequel movie, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, and now they’re releasing a special edition of the first sequel, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, eight years […]

"Genghis Khan: to the Ends of the Earth and Sea": Spreading The Love Across An Empire

Genghis Khan is one of those historical figures that’s a household name, like Julius Caesar or Abraham Lincoln. He’s known for uniting the Mongol people in the early thirteenth century and creating one of the biggest empires in history. He’s been the subject of countless books and movies. This time it’s Funimation’s turn to bring […]

"Wonder Pets! Save the Nutcracker!": Saving A Nutcracker Is Sewious

Save The Nutcracker! is the latest in a series of DVD releases from Nickelodeon chronicling the adventures of the Wonder Pets. The Wonder Pets, which airs on Nick Jr., is about a trio of classroom pets who have adventures after the school children have all gone home. When they get a call from an animal […]

"The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning": How To Keep Fish Fresh

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning is the third installment of Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid movies. That’s not to say it is the final chapter in some sort of sequential trilogy. Quite the opposite: It’s a prequel to the original Little Mermaid movie from 1989, which spawned a direct-to-video sequel The Little Memaid II: Return […]

"Spider-Man" Signs Off with a Spectacular First Season

The Spectacular Spider-Man snuck up on me. I knew that a new Spider-Man cartoon was coming, but it’d been five years since the previous one, which came out five years after the one before that. It can get a little tiring keeping track, especially when they tweak the character too much. But the guiding idea—and […]

The Unvexatious "Vexille"

Science fiction movies that take place in the future have a certain charm to them. More often than not, civilization as we know it is advancing in some ways and declining in others. Advances in technology can either help or hinder us as a species. So there are a lot of questions that can be […]

"The Batman": A Look Back

Anyone who writes for Batman has a lot of potential interpretive leeway. After all, the character has a long history in comics, TV, movies, and cartoons, and has appeared in series whose styles have run from bright camp to gritty noir. No one should be surprised then, that the creators of The Batman were hardly […]

"The Spectacular Spider-Man" Is Pretty Much That

Spider-Man is Marvel Comics’ icon. In the past decade alone, he’s starred in three live action movies, over a dozen video games, and countless comic books. Those ten years have also put him in three animated series; if you go back to the beginning, The Spectacular Spider-Man is the sixth (or even seventh, depending on […]

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