"Young Justice: Welcome to Happy Harbor" Hits the Ground Walking

In this episode, the team fights a mysterious new villain on the home front. Although it has a good, solid plot (and it’s a nice touch seeing them go into battle without having time to change into their costumes), the character interactions are the real draw. We learn a bit more about how the younger […]

"Young Justice": Don't Call Them Sidekicks

The DC Universe is a vast landscape full of characters, events, and an ever-growing history that has been in existence for decades. For the majority of the 90’s and into the beginning of the 00’s, all animation based on DC comic book characters have taken place in the same universe. However, in the current Post-DCAU […]

"X The Series": Proving the Future Isn't Determinable (Except When It Is)

It’s important to note that the title of the 24-episode anime series X, based on the manga series of the same name, doesn’t refer to the letter X. Rather, X is what you see when two swords cross, which is important in this series that is about doubles and the clash of two forces. In […]

"Iron Man": If You Love the Movies, You'll Moderately Enjoy the Cartoon Series

Although Iron Man’s popularity has gotten a boost from the recent movies starring Robert Downey Jr., he has always been one of the big guns in the Marvel Comics stable. Rather than drape himself in brightly colored spandex, Iron Man dons high tech armor equipped with an array of different powers, making him one of […]

This "Sleeping Beauty" Isn't Just Another Princess

Disney is practically synonymous with children’s animation, but there was a time when Disney’s animation department wasn’t an unstoppable juggernaut. These days we can expect popular voice actors, top-notch animation, and award-winning music in a Disney cartoon, but just like any company, Disney has experienced ups and downs. Waking Sleeping Beauty, which chronicles the Walt […]

"Santa Claus"/"Nestor"; Or, They Came from the Island of Misfit Christmas Specials

It’s pretty easy to think of Santa Claus as just another one of the Christmas icons, and not hard to overlook all the mythology associated with the character—the elves, the reindeer, the toys, the chimney thing. Some of it is pretty strange, when you think about it, but it’s all just accepted without question. But […]

"Red Garden" Blooms

Often, a show will come along that has a really good premise but which ultimately fails in its execution. You watch it and realize something’s not quite right, and you can’t understand why it’s not as engaging as it should be. The tone of the series just doesn’t match what you were led to believe […]

The Spectacular Spider-Man's Sophomore Season Swings In

After far too many months of holding our collective breaths regarding the fate of Marvel’s latest animated hit series, fans of The Spectacular Spider-Man can finally breathe easy. The show premiered early in 2008 on Kids WB, which morphed into the untested animation block, the CW 4 Kids. They aired a full season, but the […]

DBZ Triple Feature: Hello, Broly!

Goku and his allies have faced a slew of enemies throughout the course of Dragonball Z. Coming from different worlds and possessing different abilities, these villains all have had one thing in common: When they first show up, they’re unstoppable. This happens so often that many of their origin stories and plots hit the same […]

"Dragonball Z Super Android 13 and Bojack Unbound": Twice the Movie, Half the Plot

Dragonball Z is a franchise so popular that it seems to churn out DVD after DVD. Originally it started as the anime Dragonball, but has since grown to include three television series, several movies, and even a few video games. With a huge cast and a lengthy history, you’d expect the series to be layered […]

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