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Atlanta SuperCon Features Animation Guests Galore

by on November 20, 2008

Coming to downtown Atlanta, GA on November 21-23, 2008, the Atlanta SuperCon boasts an impressive guest list from current and vintage animated fan favorites, including:

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Squidbillies cast and crew members Dana Snyder, Carey Means, and Jay Edwards.
  • 70-30 Productions: the artists and animators who helped produce Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.
  • Voice actor Brittney Karbowski, dub artist involved with a number of anime titles.
  • Voice actor Larry Kenney, voice of Thundercats leader Lion-O.
  • Voice actor/musician Samantha Newark, voice of Jem from JEM! and The Holograms.
  • Actor Brian O’Halloran, aka Dante Hicks from the Clerks films and animated series.
  • Voice actor Spike Spencer, dub artist of such popular anime titles as Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bleach, and Nadesico.
  • Voice actor James Urbaniak, voice of Venture Bros regulars Dr. Thaddeus Venture, Jonas Jr., and Phantom Limb.

Visit the convention website at AtlantaSuperCon.com for more details.

Update 10.31.08: Venture Bros’ co-writer, editor, and voice actor Doc Hammer (voice of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch/Doctor Girlfriend, Henchman #21, and Master Billy Quizboy) has been added to the con guest list.

Update 11.20.08: Several new guests have been added over the last couple weeks — most notably for animation fans: [as] animator/director/voice actor C. Martin Croker, Michele Knotz (voice of Jesse on Pokémon), and Tom Weyland (voice actor/director on Pokémon, G.I. Joe, Yu-Gi-Oh, and One Piece).

The Thursday edition of The Atlanta Journal Constitution also has an article on the event, which includes a brief interview with ATHF’s Jay Edwards.

And we regret to inform those already planning to to attend the convention this weekend that voice actor Gregg Berger (Transformers, Duckman) has unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at this event.

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