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"Arthur Christmas" Behind-the-Scenes Clips Released

by on December 22, 2011

Sony Pictures Animation has released five behind-the-scenes clips documenting the construction of several scenes from Arthur Christmas:


Narrated by Doug Ikeler, this video provides an overview of the making of the entire movie.


A closer look at Arthur’s office, which helps establish Arthur in the movie and his firm belief that every child matters to Santa and none of them should be missed at Christmas.


Following the build-up for the “invasion” sequence, where a legion of elves descend on a city in Denmark for their commando operations to deliver presents.


A closer look at Grandsanta, the crusty previous Santa Claus voiced by Bill Nighy.


The location for the movie finale as Arthur and Bryony fight their way through the village of Trelew (the one in the U.K.) to beat the sunrise and deliver Gwen’s present to her before Christmas morning.

For more information about Arthur Christmas, check out our early preview of the movie and theatrical release review.

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