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Arrow – Unthinkable – Season 2, Episode 23

by on May 15, 2014

Nyssa is tired of Isabel Rochev's sassy talk.

Nyssa is tired of Isabel Rochev’s sassy talk.

Synopsis: Slade’s mirakuru-fueled army faces off against Arrow’s ragtag band of pseudo-superheroes plus Starling City’s finest and Amanda Waller’s mercenaries and drones in the season finale.

Details: The episode begins with Team Arrow debating what to do with the unconscious Roy, who has yet to respond to the cure injected in him when, annoyingly, a few members of Slade’s mirakuru-fueled army show up unexpectedly [or expectedly, depending upon your viewpoint of the series’ writing]. Miraculously, Roy just happens to wake up at this time and suffering no ill effects from being knocked out for an extended period of time, pops up and escapes impending doom from the approaching members of Slade’s army.

Although there was hope that Thea had killed off Malcolm Merlyn last episode after he droned on and on and on in Star Wars-style speechifying about how he was Thea’s father before Thea finally had had enough and pulled out the gun on him – it was not to be – as Malcolm begins his next speech by alerting Thea to the wonders of Kevlar and then promptly launches into more verbosity.

Meanwhile, when she goes to find Sara, Laurel gets shot with a tranquilizer dart by Nyssa for her trouble as Arrow figures the best way to stop the members of Slade’s mirakuru-fueled army without killing them outright is to fill a bunch of his patented special Exploda-Arrows with the mirakuru cure and fire them off at the army members as they encounter them.

A standoff at ARGUS HQ over who gets to tell Diggle he's a new daddy.

A standoff at ARGUS HQ over who gets to tell Diggle he’s a new daddy.

Sara brings Nyssa (of League of Assassins fame) into the mirakuru army-fighting mix, much to the consternation of Arrow, since he wants to cure and save the members of the army whereas Nyssa, being a LofA club cardholder, wants to wipe them all out.

Now that he has his wits about him, Arrow gives Roy a mask of his own and Roy promptly goes out and calls Thea who is still – still – listening to Malcolm Merlyn jabber on and on. Team Arrow sets a trap for Slade and Isabel Rochev [Summer Glau] and hits Isabel with an Exploda-Arrow filled with mirakuru cure but fails to impregnate Slade with an Exploda-Arrow and Slade escapes while Nyssa gets tired of Isabel mouthing off and silences her.

In flashback mode, After Anatoly torpedoes Slade’s freighter before Slade can kill Sara and Oliver, Sara gets sucked out of the resulting gash in the boat and Slade and Oliver engage in a brief battle before Slade gets trapped under some debris and Oliver pokes him in the eyeball with an arrow.

Thea finally stops listening to Malcolm Merlyn’s yammering and goes off to meet Roy, who has to then run off and help Team Arrow fight Slade’s army. While Roy is gone, Thea discovers a quiver of arrows he apparently didn’t need and decides to leave him for good while Diggle gets good news – he’s a father!

Having already killed his mother, Arrow realizes that Slade will go after the next person on his personal love list and that appears to be Laurel, who he has one of his henchmen kidnap, but Arrow gets some trickeration going on Slade by bringing Felicity to Queen Mansion where he knows Slade has a bug, to pretend to save her from Slade as his one true love. Slade’s falls for the trickeration hook, line and sinker and when he kidnaps Felicity, she pokes him with the mirakuru cure. Now that Slade is back to normal strength, a brief Arrow vs. Slade battle occurs with Arrow winning but not killing Slade.

The scenario roundup – yeehaw! – begins with Sara going off with Nyssa to presumably join the League of Assassins or get married or something while Dad Lance suffers a ruptured spleen or some internal organ of value and appears as though he may die. Because she apparently has not yet heard enough of his jibber-jabber, Thea takes off with Malcolm Merlyn and announces that she’s never coming back [promise?] and finally, Slade is tossed into jail back on the island with Amanda Waller and ARGUS watching over him in probably one of the lamer season-ending finales in recent television history.

Confident Felicity about to poke Slade with the mirakuru cure after he stops yelling in her ear.

Confident Felicity about to poke Slade with the mirakuru cure after he stops yelling in her ear.

The Poop and Skinny: Felicity reveals that she is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2009 – making her 27 years old – assuming she was not a child prodigy.

The trailer for the upcoming CW superhero-themed series “The Flash” premieres during this episode. “The Flash”, starring Grant Gustin as The Flash and Barry Allen (The Flash’s mortal alter-ego) will debut in Autumn 2014.

Arrow’s recovery rate for his knee injury and nobody fixing up Felicity’s external head wound ever – credibility issues #1145 and 1146.

Burning question for the next season of “Arrow” – Will Dad Lance – Paul Blackthorne – be the next person allowed to explore his career acting options now that “Dumb and Dumber To” is in the books?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show (and therefore no more money to be made) if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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