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Arrow – Tremors – Season 2, Episode 12

by on January 30, 2014

Arrow gives Roy a little hand-to-hand combat technique lesson.

Arrow gives Roy a little hand-to-hand combat technique lesson.

Synopsis: Arrow/Oliver tries to teach headstrong Roy how to be a good superhero but Roy fails his first test and has to do a makeup – while Moira reappears and announces that, after some encouragement from Walter and Thea, she has decided to run for mayor of Starling City just before the Super Bowl – sort of a “Hail Moira” play.

Details: It’s all about Roy Harper this week as the pouty bad boy character played by Colton Haynes exhibits the appropriate levels of teen angst combined with his newfound Mirakuru-laced super strength to produce some truly lethal teenage behavior. But we open with Bronze Tiger [Michael Jai White] receiving a visitor in jail who brings him the gift of wolverine claws, which BT promptly uses to escape.

Meanwhile, Arrow sets up a meeting with Roy to cuss and discuss this “Mirakuru” [magic blood serum] problem and uses the opportunity to show off his hand-to-hand combat technique which impresses Roy about as much as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Roy elects to bop off the top of the hand-to-hand combat testing apparatus rather than waste time jousting playfully with it.

Flashback #1 intervenes with Sara giving Oliver a blah-blah-blah level spiel which Oliver mostly ignores in a wife-nagging-husband manner while they are trying to locate the Mirakuru-hopped-up Slade.

Back in Starling City/Vancouver, Moira reappears to counsel Thea about her boyfriend problems with Mirakuru-hopped-up Roy and Dad Lance pays a visit to the soon-to-be disbarred Laurel to make a dinner date for tonight, er, make that tomorrow night.

Oliver gets in another session of workout showoffery before the indifferent Felicity announces that Bronze Tiger has escaped jail and rightfully points out that Bronze Tiger is a stupid nickname because – duh – everybody knows that “tigers are not bronze”.

Walter reappears on a dinner date with Moira whereupon he coyly gauges her interest in running for mayor of Starling City while Dad Lance’s “dinner date” with Laurel has not gone so well – seeing as it turned out to be mere trickeration and a ploy to get Laurel to a substance abuse center.

Arrow reluctantly takes along Roy in a rendezvous with the Bronze Tiger in Malcolm Merlyn’s garage where an earthquake machine prototype is being stored [here we learn that the previous earthquake machine-induced Starling City quake killed 503 people – which happens to be the area code of nearby Oregon – perhaps the next earthquake machine victim?]. Arrow and Bronzy engage in a brief kickfest before Arrow is distracted by Roy pummeling a guard and has to pull him off said guard before he turns him into mush.

Flashback #2 has Oliver figuring out Slade’s plans to blow up Ivo’s freighter real good after deciphering ancient runes on a cave wall that look suspiciously to him like technical data for firing a rocket launcher at a freighter harboring an evil scientist responsible for killing his only female friend on the island. It’s all there – see for yourself!

Oliver fends off Slade's attempt to fire the rocket launcher at Dr. Ivo's freighter.

Oliver fends off Slade’s attempt to fire the rocket launcher at Dr. Ivo’s freighter.

Roy attempts to meet with Thea briefly but gets all flustered and angry and tries to squeeze her arm off before excusing himself for a very important lunch date which turns out to be another training session with Arrow in which this time he fails to control his rage and knocks Arrow on the ground, then threatens him in classic teen angsty fashion.

Laurel gets rejected at her first job interview due to her substance abuse issues and winds up at Club Verdant [the Queen family-owned nightclub, remember?] to drink it off but Oliver is alerted to her presence and he has Thea call her a cab.

Walter and Thea both find credence in Moira’s possible mayoral bid and we discover that Starling City has 600,000 residents which is a crazy coincidence because Vancouver just happens to have 603,502 residents [according to the 2011 census] – not counting the ’burbs, then you’re talking 2.3 million – and if Rob Ford can get elected as mayor of Toronto then surely she would stand a fighting chance as mayor of Starling City/Vancouver, right? After all, yeah, there’s that earthquake machine link but she’s never done crack cocaine [at least that we know of].

Flashback #3 arrives and Oliver intercepts Slade as he is trying to program the revenging evil scientist-killing rocket launcher to take out Ivo’s boat and Slade threatens him with a gun while Sara casually observes from the safety of the lovely shrubbery.

Arrow intrudes upon Bronze Tiger closing out his $10 million deal to deliver the earthquake machine prototype but somehow loses his acute sensibility and loses track of the Bronze Tiger, allowing BT to ambush him from behind and all appears dire until – ta-daaa! – Roy, lurking in the shadows until now presumably, comes from behind to pummel Bronze Tiger. Unfortunately, however, the earthquake machine prototype – which they are not even sure works [thus, the “prototype” label] – has been armed for action but is locked in a delivery vault. Arrow has to pull Roy off pummeling Bronze Tiger long enough to convince him to use his super strength to punch a hole in the vault and deactivate the prototype earthquake machine. But he realizes he can only convince Roy by revealing himself as Oliver and pleading Roy to punch the vault to save Thea…and, you know, maybe those other 599,999 people in Starling City.

Finally, it’s time for the scenario roundup, pardner – yeehaw! Arrow/Oliver formally announces Roy as the newest member of Team Arrow in the Arrow Lair; Felicity reveals that mint chip ice cream is her stress reduction device of choice; Flashback #4 shows Oliver talking Slade out of firing his revenge rocket launcher…for now; Moira announces her plan to run for mayor of Starling City and also to take care of that pesky OB-GYN of hers who knows who Thea’s real dad is [Malcolm]; the Bronze Tiger is propositioned in jail to join a squad of what we can only assume are ne’er do-wells and Laurel gets her drunk ass home and nearly passes out – but not before catching a glimpse of Sara in her apartment as a little foreshadowing of next week’s episode.

The Poop and Skinny: The Super Bowl is mere days away and the only reference to the big game approaching in Starling City comes somewhat inadvertently [we think] from Felicity, who uses the phrase “Monday morning quarterback” when speaking with Oliver.

The Starling City jail appears to have at least made a partial payment on their electric bill but, alas…

Starling City hoosegow has no x-ray scanning device? In this day and age? – credibility issue #349.

Arrow’s next episode is “Heir to the Demon” where Sara’s old League of Assassins pal, Nyssa, comes back to try and convince her to re-join the League and take advantage of all the LoA bennies like free eyemasks.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – If too many people know who Arrow really is, why is it now blowing up Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media hangout spots?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

Oliver/Arrow unofficially invites Roy to Team Arrow [the official invitation comes later].

Oliver/Arrow unofficially invites Roy to Team Arrow [the official invitation comes later].

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