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Arrow – Time Of Death – Season 2, Episode 14

by on February 27, 2014

William Tockman - aka The Clock King - has a gun and you don't.

William Tockman – aka The Clock King – has a gun and you don’t.

Synopsis: The Clock King debuts as the Criminal of the Week in Starling City and causes a slight kerfuffle while Sara and Felicity engage in a pseudo-territorial cat fight for Arrow Lair superiority and Slade Wilson introduces himself into the Queen family.

Details: A new Criminal of the Week – the Clock King – has entered the fray in crime-plagued Starling City. The Clock King [Robert Knepper – “Prison Break”] has planned a heist down to the very last minute details but his hired henchmen muck it up, then question their involvement but escape anyway because Starling City police are seemingly genetically related to the Keystone Cops.

During jousting practice with Arrow and Diggle, Sara is nicked by Diggle, provoking a lengthy scar-comparison scene which Felicity rightfully finds annoying and attempts to inject some humor into by mentioning a childhood dental scar. The undertone, of course, is Felicity’s worth to Oliver is being threatened.

Meanwhile, the Clock King, who goes by the normal citizen name of Wiliiam Tockman, kills one of his idiotic henchmen – after the henchman in question gets too greedy – before planning his next heist.

Oliver tosses a party for Sara at the stately Queen Mansion and soap opera drama is about to ensue when suddenly, Dad Lance, Oliver and Sara are called away by the discovery of the dead henchman’s body and to discuss what course of action should be taken against the Clock King.

Flashback #1 brings us back to the island after those brief non-island flings into the Lance family memory banks. A Cessna-style airplane is spotted overhead but then shot down, prompting Slade, Oliver and Sara to go investigate the site of the crash.

Dad Lance briefly meets with Laurel and Laurel suggests a Lance family reunion at her house.

Felicity earns her first Arrow scar.

Felicity earns her first Arrow scar.

Flashback #2 has Slade, Oliver and Sara finding the downed Cessna but the radio doesn’t work – thus disgusting Slade, who shows no empathy for the seemingly dead pilot – but then the pilot suddenly jerks to life and Sara sends Oliver off to find some medical supplies so she can attempt to save him.

The Clock King gets some major face time for the next 10 minutes as first, he plans another heist but also creates a diversion by intentionally hacking into the transit system computers and creating a collision between a train and a bus. Felicity detects the oncoming collision and attempts to override the Clock King’s diversion only to discover – to her horror – that the Clock King has successfully hacked into the Arrow Lair’s computer system as well and not only prevented Felicity from doing anything about the impending collision but also blowing up the Arrow Lair system. Fortunately, Arrow is on the ground and able to physically prevent the collision from happening while Sara goes after the Clock King but he gets away.

Back at the Arrow Lair, Sara discovers that the Clock King has a rare disease – which pisses off Felicity because she has always thought of herself as the Arrow Lair’s incumbent rare blood disease sleuth – but Diggle gives her the obligatory pat on the back.

Sara decides it would be a good idea to bring along Oliver to the Lance family reunion at Laurel’s pad but this only succeeds in setting Laurel off on the deep end as she realizes Sara and Oliver are having a fling and she wasn’t invited. Classic soap opera theatrics ensue.

Flashback #3 comes in to show us Sara conversing with the soon-to-be-dead Cessna pilot who gives Sara a photo of his daughter and makes Sara promise that she will find his daughter and makes sure she turns out okay if he should die, which he obviously will now that we’ve been given this dead giveaway…so to speak.

Oliver announces he’s done caring about Laurel in the butt-clenching finale to the Lance family reunion soap opera hoo-haw.

Felicity decides to inject herself into the plan to entrap the Clock King but the Clock King figures out the trap. Arrow fends off the Clock King’s henchmen, Diggle disables the gas explosion the Clock King has set up as a diversion and Felicity blows up the Clock King’s cell phone to save her and Sara.

Now it’s time for the scenario roundup – yeehaw! – and we begin with Felicity getting patched up – by ER surgeon Sara, no less – so she can have a scar of her own and Oliver reminds her she is needed with another obligatory pat on the back. Sara is hired by Thea as the new bartender at the Queen family-owned Club Verdant. Laurel comes in to clear the air with her in typically melodramatic fashion. Sin arrives on the scene out of nowhere, has a brief moment with Sara then leaves and then that appearance is explained when Sara whips out a photo from her wallet connecting Sin up as the dead pilot’s daughter in the ensuing Flashback #4 before we end the week’s episode with Slade Wilson meeting with Moira at the stately Queen Mansion, much to Oliver’s chagrin.

The Poop and Skinny: An entire episode without an obvious product placement when the main criminal is named Clock King – we don’t know whether to be happy, sad or indifferent.

The Starling City police are not only unable to hit fleeing henchmen as near point-blank range but also are unable to establish a perimeter around a crime scene – credibility issue #547.

Arrow will return next week with the Oliver-Slade mano-a-mano in the “The Promise” episode on March 5.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Now that we know why [failure to shoot straight] the Starling City police department is not a Dirty Harry-style police department, what are the criteria for being a Starling City police officer?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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