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Arrow – The Man Under The Hood – Season 2, Episode 19

by on April 17, 2014

Slade Wilson likes dressing up as DeathStroke...

Slade Wilson likes dressing up as DeathStroke…

Synopsis: Slade Wilson infiltrates the Arrow Lair, the Arrow Group infiltrate Slade Labs in a battle over mirakuru as Slade intends to build a mirakuru-fueled super army and the Arrow Group intends to find an antidote and stop him.

Details: Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Sara begin the episode by infiltrating a Queen Consolidated warehouse where they proceed to blow up the science lab equipment they think is necessary for making mirakuru while Laurel spends the entire episode seemingly coming to grips with either finding out Oliver is Arrow or being the 359th person in Starling City to know this big “secret”. Moira reveals to Oliver that Isabel Rochev [Summer Glau] worked with his father and had sex with him while she was a business school intern and they were setting up Queen Consolidated.

In flashback mode, in exchange for a quick death, Dr. Ivo reveals there is an antidote for the mirakuru back in a safe in his quarters on the freighter or he may just be stalling for time.

Meanwhile back in quasi-real-fake life, Slade dresses up as DeathStroke and infiltrates the Arrow Lair where he proceeds to kick everybody’s butts except Felicity, who hides, and Dad Lance gets beaten up in prison by a person he helped to convict and put in prison.

Laurel tells Dad Lance that she knows the identity of Arrow, but Dad Lance has no interest in because it would ruin the surprise for him – also some boring stuff about the knowledge making Arrow a person with a family and therefore, someone he might have to care about.

Thanks to Felicity, Arrow locates Slade’s mirakuru-laced army in a lab/warehouse and discovers it also includes Roy Slade and Isabel interrupt Arrow and in the ensuing fracas, Diggle shows up unexpectedly and shoots Isabel while Arrow temporarily explodes Slade while he liberates Roy and takes him back to the Lair but not before snagging some mirakuru and taking it back to the Lair with him.

The scenario roundup – yeehaw! – begins with flashback mode and Oliver finally killing Ivo so Sara won’t have to, then telling Thea that their father knew of her birth origins, then Felicity bringing some mirakuru to Cisco/Caitlin’s new super fancy lab, Laurel hugging Oliver and Slade reawakening Isabel because – why not?

...and kicking Arrow's butt.

…and kicking Arrow’s butt.

The Poop and Skinny: Two new characters are introduced – Cisco Ramon [Carlos Valdes] and Caitlin Snow [Danielle Panabaker – “Shark”] – and both are about as intriguing as a lump of wood and a clod of dirt. Ostensibly, they purport to be Felicity’s friends.

A skeleton key somehow materializes from the Clock King’s Collection [see it on tour across North American museums this summer] and opens all warehouse doors in Starling City.

Ivo hasn’t been on the freighter in a kajillion years and yet nobody ever thought to open the safe in his quarters before? Oliver gives what we are told is a really, really, really important piece of paper for Thea to sign to transfer the Queen family assets but both Thea and Oliver leave it on a shelf of a stockroom in Club Verdant and it is never mentioned again? – credibility issues #913 and 914.

As expected, Roy can’t handle the mirakuru and wreaks havoc on Starling City in an episode which should be titled “WTF Roy?” but instead is boringly titled “Seeing Red” for the next episode on April 23.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – How long before everybody in Starling City knows that Oliver is Arrow and they legalize mirakuru?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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