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Arrow Episode Recap – The Huntress Returns – Season 1, Episode 17

by on April 12, 2013

McKenna is happy in Starling City with Oliver until she breaks her femur and learns Florida Gulf Coast is in the Sweet 16 - now she wants to move to Florida Gulf Coast City.

McKenna is happy in Starling City with Oliver until she breaks her femur and learns Florida Gulf Coast is in the Sweet 16 – now she wants to move to Florida Gulf Coast City.

After filling out her March Madness brackets and vacationing in Bermuda, Barcelona, Budapest and every place that begins with a “B” except Monaco, the Huntress [Rebecca de Gouw] returns but is still grasping tightly to the grudge against her dad and proceeds to toss monkey wrenches in all of Oliver’s plans – even the not-so-well-laid-out ones.

Details: You would think that a nice long holiday hiatus from the angst of revenge and violence would be helpful in soothing the frayed nerve endings and brain synapses – but apparently that’s not the way it works with the Huntress [Rebecca de Gouw] or, even more inexplicably, the “Arrow” writer’s brains.

The last time we saw Helena Bertinelli [like that last name would ever raise either of Eddie Van Halen’s eyebrows], aka The Huntress, about three months ago, she had hopped into bed with Oliver and was trying to kill her father after discovering he was responsible for killing her fiancée. Then – poof! – she disappears without a trace or an explanation, presumably on a vacation to Bermuda or someplace where she could calm down, have a nice spa package at some luxury resort and fill out her March Madness brackets before moving on with her life – since we never received an tiny bit of a clue from the writers of the series.

But instead of being calm and soothed, the returning Huntress is still holding an industrial-sized grudge upon her return to Starling City. The immediate suspicion is that either Florida Gulf Coast, La Salle or Wichita State – or possibly all three – messed up her brackets and re-ignited the rage she feels against her father. Whatever the source, she’s back on her arrow-shooting mission to hunt him down like a dog along with some blatant credibility lapses and aids from the writers.

First up on the credibility lapse parade is her dad’s attorney, who is found at a strip joint – where most lawyers are found hanging out these days – and pumps a few darts into his chest when he is unable to tell her the location of the safe house where the FBI is hiding her dad.

We take a brief break from that enthralling plot line to go back and deal with the bombshell dropped in the last episode before the spring break hiatus – that of Laurel’s mother showing up at her doorstep with her jaw-dropping assertion that Laurel’s sister, Sarah, is still alive and didn’t really die in the yacht “accident”. Laurel sets up a lunch date with her dad, Angry Police Chief Wiggum, and invites mom, who brings along a tourist photo as her “proof” that Sarah is still alive. Angry Police Chief Wiggum angrily – and predictably – doesn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle agree Helena – who is now referred to as his “psycho ex-girlfriend” [oh yeah? well the word “psycho” can describe at least half the cast in this series, buddy] – needs to be dealt with but Helena shows up at the Arrow Lair and explains her moral dilemma. When Oliver declines to help her hunt down her dad, she threatens Oliver’s family.

At this point, flashback #1 mercifully intercedes, but only to show Oliver and Slade plotting to sabotage Fyers’ new missile launcher toy he ordered and just received from Amazon.

Returning to the nail-biting drama of Helena’s plight, Helena, having been rebuffed by Oliver, decides to go after Eddie Haskell Junior/Tommy as a way to convince him to help her cause. She holds Eddie Jr./Tommy in the classic Tunisian Table Cleaner wrestling submission hold until Oliver relents and agrees to help her. [On a side note, Eddie Jr.’s dad Eddie Haskell Senior/Malcolm is nonexistent in this episode as he recuperates in the hospital].

Flashback #2 intervenes briefly and Oliver and Slade devise a ruse to attract the guard/soldiers so Slade can kill them and they can get closer to the missile launcher toy to see how it works.

Helena and Oliver tail twin FBI vans – one real and one decoy – that are supposedly transporting Helena’s dad to the safe house but it’s a trap – neither van contains Helena’s dad. This greatly annoys Helena, who is arrested and promptly tells Angry Police Chief Wiggum that Oliver is Arrow, which, of course, he doesn’t believe. Arrow then springs her from custody from the apparently easily accessed Starling City police station holding area.

After springing Helena from the hoosegow, Oliver has Felicity get on Orbitz to find a good deal and gives Helena a one-way plane ticket to Rome – but Rome doesn’t begin with a “B” so she will not go visit any Italian stallions.

Flashback #3 shows Oliver taking a computer chip-laden circuit board from the missile launcher toy for Slade and him to use as leverage and negotiating ploy.

Oliver hooks up with McKenna – his police department girlfriend – just as Felicity is trying to warn him about Helena’s arrow purchasing tendencies. Oooh, bad timing. Helena shows up to coerce Felicity into revealing her dad’s safe house location. Arrow comes back to the Lair where Felicity tells him Helena is already on her way to the safe house location. Helena – suddenly finding long-lost gymnastic skills – and successfully kills six or so FBI agents and jumps from a second-story roof to tussle with Arrow before injuring the newly arriving McKenna and fleeing into the night – presumably to catch a flight to the Bahamas. All very, very believable stuff.

McKenna decides to inexplicably break up with Oliver – evidently broken legs will do that to a relationship instead of bringing them closer together – and Eddie Jr./Tommy tries to make up with Oliver. No kissing, though.

The final flashback finds Oliver attempting to negotiate with Fyers to get off the island – we might suggest using Helena’s travel agent.

The Poop and Skinny: This episode also contains a Thea story line involving her with Roy Harper, the sassy street-savvy thug – feel free to ignore this and any subsequent Thea appearance and use it to your advantage as a beer or bathroom break.

A shattered femur takes a year to rehab – which should comes as some interesting medical news to the various villains and others in this series.

McKenna says she’s moving to Coast City – which we can only assume after last week’s March Madness events – is meant to be Florida Gulf Coast City.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Oliver’s club has opened and is christened Club Verdant, releasing the obvious question of how many of the club attendees know what “verdant” means without consulting an electronic device for assistance?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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