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Arrow Episode Recap: League of Assassins – Season 2, Episode 5

by on November 7, 2013

Sara Lance - aka Black Canary - checks out the fancy-schmancy Arrow Lair.

Sara Lance – aka Black Canary – checks out the fancy-schmancy Arrow Lair.

Synopsis: Black Canary/Sara Lance reveals herself to her father while also revealing that she is a member of the feared League of Assassins.

Details: The show begins with one of the flashbacks disguised as one of Sara/Black Canary’s dreams which provides some details on what exactly happened on the Queen’s Gambit yacht when it supposedly went down in rough seas and supposedly killed Sara Lance. As it turns out – according to Sara’s dream sequence anyway – Sara was sucked out of the yacht and left stranded on a floating piece of debris while she watched the yacht sink.

Sara eventually awakens and we see she is ensconced at the Queen Mansion where Oliver is harboring her while Moira is in jail. Where is Thea, you may ask? Well, they got that covered – she’s over at Roy’s bachelor pad. That explains that.

Meanwhile, the lawyers are negotiating Moira’s plea bargain – jousting between the death penalty and life imprisonment – with Moira willing to accept life imprisonment. As assistant district attorney, Laurel is involved in the effort to give Moira the life imprisonment deal and Oliver is not amused.

Oliver is displeased with Laurel prosecuting his mother, Moira.

Oliver is displeased with Laurel prosecuting his mother, Moira.

In Flashback #2, a continuation of Sara’s dream shows Sara surviving the Queen’s Gambit sinking and hailing an ominous black freighter coming toward her – the same ominous black freighter which Oliver found himself on in his last flashback scene.

Oliver and Sara are chilling at the Queen Mansion when they are rudely interrupted by a League of Assassin member dressed as Malcolm Merlyn. This winds up being Al Owal [Navid Negahban – “Homeland”] and he intends to do bodily harm to both Sara and Oliver before Oliver subdues him then turns his back and allows him to escape.

Oliver brings Sara to the Arrow Lair where she shows her gratitude by proceeding to break the bad news to Oliver that she’s a member of the League of Assassins and that’s why the League of Assassins dude came busting in on them at Queen Mansion shortly before flashback #3 shows Sara being tossed into a cell.

Thea objects to Moira accepting the life imprisonment plea bargain deal and is on the verge of throwing a hissy fit when Oliver calls out Moira – claiming that she is holding out on them.

Felicity locates the League of Assassins cell in Starling City and Oliver and Sara take off to engage in lively debate with Al-Owal who just happens to have the League of Assassins welcoming committee waiting for them and Al-Owal claims to have trained Malcolm Merlyn and threatens Sara’s family if he can’t kill her or bring her back to the League of Assassins home nest.

Sara/Black Canary exchanges pleasantries with League of Assassin bad guy, Al-Owal.

Sara/Black Canary exchanges pleasantries with League of Assassin bad guy, Al-Owal.

Back at Arrow Lair, Sara and Oliver agree that their plan should be to protect the Lance family and send Felicity to warn Dad Lance about the League of Assassin bad guys that will inevitably come looking for him while Oliver gets to tell Laurel. Predictably, Dad Lance ignores Felicity’s warning and Oliver finds a League of Assassin dagger in Laurel’s apartment.

Flashback #4 finds Sara being turned over to a mystery dude who winds up being Dr. Anthony Ivo, Mad Scientist, at your service – in flashback #5.

With Felicity failing to convince Dad Lance of his imminent danger, Sara shows up and reveals herself to him and then he puts 2+2+2+2 and another 2 together – all in the space of 20 seconds – and figures out what Sara is doing and has done in pretty much the last three episodes.

Sara brings Dad Lance up to her Black Canary Lair where – not surprisingly – another League of Assassins welcoming committee organized by Al-Owal is awaiting them. In the ensuing melee, Dad Lance kills one of the League of Assassins dudes with his gun, Sara/Black Canary kills Al-Owal and allows the third to be set free so he can report back to the chief. Sara then tells Dad Lance that she must leave Starling City after only three episodes and that he must not tell Laurel of her existence.

In the final scenario roundup, Oliver and Thea meet with Moira abd prod her to reject the plea bargain, Dad Lance has a bonding moment with Laurel – sorta – and Oliver shares a drink with Diggle while the final flashback scene shows Oliver being tossed into an experimental lab on the ship and Sara standing over him.

Oliver shares some good hooch with Diggle.

Oliver shares some good hooch with Diggle.

The Poop and Skinny: Early on, Oliver tells Sara that she can shack up with him at the massive, many-roomed Queen Mansion but if the only occupants of Queen Mansion are Oliver and Thea now that Moira is in the hoosegow – why on Earth would Thea elect to go to Roy’s bachelor pad in the Glades for any reason whatsoever? Any. Reason. Whatsoever?

For the second episode in a row, Oliver/Arrow turns his head at an opportune moment for the bad guy and allows the bad guy to escape – Credibility Issue #57.

Sara Lance speaks Chinese.

An in-episode advertisement for Bose features Felicity and Roy and is undeniably lame.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – How many people in Starling City have no weird makeup, don’t do drugs, don’t have drama queen personalities and stay at home at nights watching classic movies with a bowl of popcorn?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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