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Arrow Episode Recap: Crucible – Season 2, Episode 4

by on November 1, 2013

Black Canary is captured rather easily by some movie prop cables.

Black Canary is captured rather easily by some movie prop cables.

Synopsis: Arrow/Oliver finally discovers that Black Canary is really Sara Lance – his long lost thought-to-be-dead fling and Laurel’s sister – while Seb Blood reveals himself to be fond of masks and a bad guy.

Details: Arrow is busy battling gang-bangers with Diggle when Felicity is trying to communicate with him that he’s late for his meeting with Summer Glau [playing his new business partner, Isabel Rochev]. When he finally gets back to the Arrow lair, Felicity brings him up to speed on the newest criminal du jour – a local ganglord calling himself “The Mayor” [Cle Bennett – “Total Drama”] and both figure out that Black Canary is not following Arrow/Oliver, but rather Laurel Lance [which makes sense since she’s Sara Lance, Laurel’s sister – which Oliver soon discovers]. Oliver, upon learning the secret identity of Black Canary, refuses to reveal any intimate details about Sara to either Diggle or Felicity.

Flashback #1 butts in and shows Oliver holed up in a cell on the ship where he is being held after being captured on the island and the ship captain [Jimmy Jean-Louis – “Heroes”] interrogates him but Olive refuses to spill his beans [if he has any], so the ship captain promptly shoots him, intentionally only wounding him to test his mental and physical toughness.

Meanwhile, back in Starling City, in an early episode scenario round-up, Black Canary has a heart-to-heart with Sin and busts out a femNazi line about being against men in general as Diggle gets some underground information about “The Mayor” and Oliver and Sebastian Blood appear to bury the hatchet and strike a deal on a Cash-for-Guns event to help clean up “The Glades.” About this time, Laurel begins an episode-long downward spiral where she drinks too much at a dinner with a colleague, fends off his advances, drives home, only to be pulled over for a DUI and then having her dad the police officer being fetched to get her – prompting her to get sassy with him and later have him reveal in therapy session how she has really gone downhill since blaming herself for Tommy’s death in the earthquake.

Oliver realizes she is really Sara Lance, who he thought was dead - dun, dun, dun!

Oliver realizes she is really Sara Lance, who he thought was dead – dun, dun, dun!

Back to work, Felicity activates a tracking device on a crate of stolen guns and Arrow goes to retrieve them without killing “The Mayor” and then files off to meet up with Sara to see if she will clear the air on where she has been [not so much] and why she came back [not so much].

Flashback #2 finds us back in the ship cell block with a Russian prisoner, who is a graduate of the prestigious Slade School of Charm, in an adjacent cell to Oliver chiding him about being tough and giving him survival tips.

While Laurel continues to get snippy – wading dangerously close to Thea territory – Roy drops off his guns and introduces Sin to Thea [speak of the devil!].

Flashback #3 saves us from any extended Thea screen time but only shows the ship captain continuing to grill Oliver before cutting back to Seb Blood [Kevin Alejandro] boring us all to tears with some contrived “life is like a crucible” blah-blah speech he’s giving to Oliver before mercifully being interrupted by a visit from “The Mayor” who shoots up the Cash for Guns bazaar and wounds Sin in the process. Also, Oliver saves Seb blood from being shot – despite his inane speechifying.

The Mayor or Da Mayor - your preference.

The Mayor or Da Mayor – your preference.

Felicity discovers “The Mayor” is expecting a shipment of grenade launchers and Arrow and Black Canary team up to intercept the shipment. In the ensuing fight sequence, Arrow and Black Canary defeat “The Mayor” and Black Canary knocks him out after he calls her the b-word.

In the final scenario round-up, Oliver and Seb Blood actually do bury the hatchet [with a handshake], Roy shows sympathy for the injured Sin and Thea is somewhat concerned about this, Sara [aka Black Canary] creeps on them, then encounters Oliver and another heart-to-heart ensues to be interrupted by Dad Lance who asks Oliver to help him by speaking to Laurel about her eminent fall from the sanity bandwagon.

Flashback #4 shows the ship’s captain pulling him out of the cell and into a torture chamber where his torturer is…Sara/Black Canary.

The final cliffhanger scene shows Seb Blood in a mask injecting green stuff [looks like the stuff inside of those glow sticks] into “The Mayor” and asking him if he is ready to serve and apparently he is not as the green glow stick juice kills him.

The Poop and Skinny: Everybody, it seems, in Starling City [or “the Glades”] is either a drug lord, young hard-core partyer, wealthy person or a freak of some sort. There is no population of suburban soccer moms offset by bearded hipsters and there certainly are no rural folk – making it all the more curious why one would live there and how the population got big enough to allow a freak on every corner.

Arrow would rather battle gangbangers with Diggle than meet with Summer Glau? – Credibility Issue #41.

Laurel is said to blow a .6 past the legal limit after being pulled over for a DUI.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – How many people wear masks during Halloween in Starling City?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

Seb Blood's fancy Halloween mask he got on Amazon for $12.

Seb Blood’s fancy Halloween mask he got on Amazon for $12.

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