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Arrow Episode Recap: Broken Dolls – Season 2, Episode 3

by on October 24, 2013

Black Canary deploys her sonic scream device to help Arrow escape his seemingly inescapable predicament from the previous episode.

Black Canary deploys her sonic scream device to help Arrow escape his seemingly inescapable predicament from the previous episode.

Synopsis: Starling City’s newest criminal du jour – deranged serial killer Barton Mathis – has escaped from prison during the earthquake and is on the loose – forcing now-Officer Lance to team up with an unlikely partner [Arrow] in tracking him down. Meanwhile, Black Canary makes her debut.

Details: We pick up where we were last left hanging on the cliff of last week’s episode – namely, Arrow being trapped by Laurel and surrounded by several cops with laser-sighted rifles pointed at him – how on Earth would he escape? Well, what nobody – not even Arrow – knew, was that Black Canary was hiding in the rafters with her nifty sonic scream device which incapacitates humans in the near vicinity with a high-pitched sound wave that also breaks a lot of glass [and there is, inexplicably, a lot of glass to be broken in Laurel’s office]. Black Canary drops in on the party, unleashes her sonic screamer and – voila! – Arrow is free to go, though without much explanation as to who Black Canary is [other than actress Caity Lotz from “Death Valley” and a character from the DC Comics Green Arrow comic book series] and why she saved him.

Flashback #1 intervenes and reveals that the cave from the last episode’s final flashback is actually the hull of a downed World War II aircraft full of dead Japanese soldiers – or rather the skeletons of dead Japanese soldiers.

Back in Starling City, Officer Lance finds out that the earthquake allowed convicts to escape the local prison and one of those who escaped was Barton Mathis [Michael Eklund – “Intelligence”] – a serial killer he helped originally put in jail for killing young girls and then propping them up on display to look like dolls. Since the police force are not moving quickly enough for his liking and Lance is no longer a detective, he asks Felicity and Arrow for help in catching Mathis. Arrow puts Roy Harper on the matter to try and find out some street news on Black Canary hoping it will lead them to Mathis while Dad Lance has a heart-to-heart with daughter, Laurel Lance. In between, Thea has yet another inconsequential scene in a meeting with her mother in jail in which the only relevant information is that Moira is prepared to eat jail cuisine for life.

Dad Lance and Felicity team up to track down serial killer Barton Mathis.

Dad Lance and Felicity team up to track down serial killer Barton Mathis.

Lance and Arrow pay a visit to Mathis’ lawyer who claims to not know anything until he gets a little convincing from Arrow’s arrows and fesses up that his client likes to hang at the Bisque Museum. After Lance and Arrow find his former hideout – not his new one – Mathis taunts them a second time [silly English ka-niggets] by calling them on the phone provided in the first hideout and having them listen in on his latest kill. With Lance seemingly replacing Diggle as temporary sidekick, he assists in helping Felicity crack the skin cream code that is the key link to Barton’s murders.

Flashback #2 materializes to much ado about nothing with Slade calling Oliver an idiot and then promptly slipping off a cliff – before Oliver saves him.

Back in the future, Roy gets the Glades information from his street urchin cred connection is told to go find spiky haired Sindy [Bex Taylor Klaus – “The Killing”] or Sin, for short, while Felicity offers to be a decoy to entrap Mathis.

Flashback #3 pops up and Slade and Oliver observe an offshore ship firing rounds at an unseen target on land [Shado has been left behind in the hull of the downed plane to sort through the skeletons of the dead Japanese soldiers – but this is a safe Gilligan’s Island-style island, we’re sure she’ll be fine].

Felicity’s entrapment works – but too well – and Barton temporarily escapes from Lance and Arrow [who turns the other way with a criminal in front of him?!?] before Lance is carted off by the police department for obstructing justice.

Flashback #4 has Slade and Oliver going to the location where the ship is shelling only to get hit by a few of the rounds with Oliver getting knocked out and Slade appearing to either be killed or seriously wounded.

It’s short attention span theater again for a few minutes as scenes jump around and in the court room at Moira’s sentencing, the district attorney asks the death penalty for Moira. Dad Lance and Daughter Lance have yet another life discussion which doesn’t end well. Roy chases Sindy to Black Canary’s lair where he gets konked on the back of the head with a pipe.

Dad Lance goes to the police parking garage where he encounters what he thinks is a homeless man but is really Mathis in disguise. The disguised Mathis tases him and he falls next to Daughter Lance, who has already been captured by Mathis. Mathis takes the pair back to his Arrow-like lair and straps Laurel in for the killing/doll-making procedure while her Dad watches helplessly strapped in to another gurney. Once again, Arrow emerges to save the day and halt the doll-making procedure but Mathis again escapes until he encounters suddenly-everywhere Black Canary. But Mathis drops some pipe on Black Canary and is about to deal a possible death blow when Arrow pins him back with some arrows before Black Canary finishes him off for good with an arrow of her own.

In the final ADHD scenario wrapup, Dad Lance thanks Arrow for saving them, Moira tells her lawyer she can’t divulge certain details of her life without irreparably hurting Thea and Oliver, Black Canary declines to be brought back to her boss and kills the messenger

The final flashback has Oliver awakening on a ship taking him somewhere away from the island…

Roy successfully chases down spiky-haired Sindy - but gets a pipe on the back of the head for his troubles.

Roy successfully chases down spiky-haired Sindy – but gets a pipe on the back of the head for his troubles.

The Poop and Skinny: Why didn’t Black Canary employ her little sonic scream device before busting through the ceiling? Not as dramatic but seems like that would have been the safest route and insured both her and Arrow would have lived with not possible lucky trigger finger shot nicking their leather suits.

Yes, Black Canary is a China White lookalike but why the need for two leather-laden female kick-assers in Starling City, we don’t know. Perhaps to set them up for battle in a alter episode? Nooooooo….girl fight!

Whys is Black Canary helping Arrow? Because she’s really Sara Lance – long presumed drowned sister of Laurel who Oliver thought he had not saved in their yacht capsizing.

Bisque is a type of porcelain used to make dolls but it is also better known as a tasty cream soup usually made with lobsters.

Barton Mathis’ hideout looks awfully similar to Arrow’s lair and Black Canary’s pad looks very similar to some of the shadowy hallways seen in previous episodes. Just sayin’…

It appears electricity is still an issue in Starling City. First the police department cannot afford lights for their offices and now it appears the city cannot afford lights for their courtroom either.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Do all the people who live in Starling City possess a gene that either makes them athletic jumping beans or messed up nut cases?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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