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Arrow – DeathStroke – Season 2, Episode 18

by on April 3, 2014

Arrow/Oliver is none too happy about Slade Wilson causing problems for him in Starling City.

Arrow/Oliver is none too happy about Slade Wilson causing problems for him in Starling City.

Synopsis: The mirakuru-laced Slade Wilson continues his Shado-inspired vendetta against Arrow/Oliver by beginning to inform all his close family members and friends of his secrets.

Details: Leading off one of the silliest episodes in the franchise, after Thea willingly agrees to be picked up by Slade Wilson on a dark street [see credibility issues below], she is captured by Seb Blood [aka Mayor Masky] and taken to an abandoned warehouse – of which there are many in Starling City – and posed for a kidnapping selfie that will be shown later during the mayoral debate between Seb and Moira Queen just to get Oliver’s goat.

In flashback mode, a moral argument ensues over whether or not they should send the extremely hesitant boat engineer back to Slade and somehow a land mine gets accidentally placed in his vest – how did that happen!? But Slade tells us what surely everybody and their grandmothers already know – that he possesses mirakuru-enhanced olfactory senses and can sniff out the explosives used in vest-implanted land mines. Duh!

Meanwhile back in quasi-real-fake life, Oliver has to make an appearance as CEO of Queen Consolidated but doesn’t have time for such silliness while he is searching for Thea, so he transfers his authority to Isabel Rochev [Summer Glau] to anoint her as temporary CEO of the company only to have her turn around and reveal that she has taken over the company because she is one of Slade’s puppets. Ooohhh, very soap opera sneaky tactic!

Arrow, Roy and Sara go to have a meeting with Slade whereupon Roy takes a pop at Slade but doesn’t seem to faze him despite both being mirakuru methheads, so Arrow shoots him with a tranquilizer dart [we can only assume since the next thing you know, Slade’s sleeping like a baby – see credibility issues below].

Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev reveals that she is on Slade's baddie side in this episode.

Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev reveals that she is on Slade’s baddie side in this episode.

Slade is released from the police station because he said he was in Costa Rica recently then tells Thea that Malcolm Merlyn was her father, which seems to cause an adverse reaction in her while Roy blames Oliver for allowing Slade to be released and Slade goes ahead and tricks Arrow/Oliver into a faux showdown while he goes about his business.

The scenario roundup – yeehaw! – has Slade dressing up as DeathStroke [in different garb than last time, mind you] and collecting a prison inmate personal army, Thea saying she now knows Malcolm Merlyn is her father and blaming Oliver, Roy leaving Starling City, Slade telling Oliver he’s going to pay a visit to his family in flashback mode, Isabel announcing that Slade’s serum can be replicated now that they have control of Queen Consolidated’s laboratories and finally, in true soap opera fashion, Slade telling Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow.

The Poop and Skinny: For this episode, Slade has ditched his Lamborghini – for some reason – so he can be driven around in a luxury town car instead.

Costa Rica called after the episode and said they have no record of receiving a Slade Wilson in their country during the time in question as fictional characters are generally not allowed access through customs.

Thea, in a distraught state of mind, agrees to be picked up by a stranger, Oliver talks to Slade in an interrogation room that apparently has not been bugged, Isabel takes control of Queen Consolidated after being installed as temporary CEO during a family crisis, Roy’s mirakuru is not as strong as Slade’s mirakuru and why didn’t Arrow use a tranq dart on Slade before if it supposedly works on him? – credibility issues #851, 852, 853, 854 and 855.

As expected, Slade continues his rampage/vendetta against Arrow/Oliver and sends one member of Team Arrow [Diggle or Felicity] to the hospital in the “The Man Under The Hood” episode on April 9.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – With so many credibility issues piling up in this episode will next week’s episode just keep piling on the stupidity or will the show’s writers just make it stop in lieu of their own credibility?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

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