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Arrow – Blind Spot – Season 2, Episode 11

by on January 23, 2014

Laurel is carted off to the the hoosegow by Starling City's finest.

Laurel is carted off to the the hoosegow by Starling City’s finest.

Synopsis: Laurel is without access to the NSA database or Google and asks Oliver/Arrow to perform background check on her new date, the mayor, Sebastian Blood – only things go awry as they always seem to do in Starling City.

Details: It’s a Laurel-centric episode but we begin with Seb Blood paying a little visit to his soon-to-be dead mother in the insane asylum where he had thought he had hidden her away so she couldn’t tell anyone that it was really him who killed his father and her husband. But alas, that snoopy Laurel caught on to his shenanigans in last week’s episode and now she knows what’s up so Seb has to kill his mother, which he does without much suspense about the project – even predictably donning the ‘ol Skull Mask to give the job some pizzazz.

Flashback #1 intrudes with Sara proposing a “Mirakuru” [magic blood serum] retrieval plan that involves temporarily betraying Oliver’s trust and triggering a wave of regret for his actions in saving her instead of Shado when Ivo was giving him the choice.

Back in Starling City/Vancouver, Laurel suddenly suspects Seb Blood is a shady fellow – which of the 37 glaring tips finally convinced her, we may never know – and is responsible for killing his mother [as well as his father too]. The AD refuses to help Laurel prosecute Seb Blood so she’s forced to go over his head and in a rooftop meeting with Arrow, requests his assistance in finding out what this shady Seb Blood is really up to.

Roy meets up with Sin and decides to reveal his super strength to her, leading them to hatch a plan to bypass Arrow and go after the 1990s BMW-driving, Starling Slasher, with Sin posing as the prostitute bait and, of course, it all goes predictably and horribly wrong with Roy losing control and sending Mr. Slasher to the hospital where he most likely will not be purchasing a used BMW any time soon.

Flashback #2 has Sara reminiscing about meeting Oliver and seems to be blaming Laurel for usurping what she seems to see as her authority to go after the youthful and wealthy Oliver – then she secretly steals away with his radio to contact Ivo.

Laurel has a prescription medicine popping problem but that doesn’t stop her from going on the hare-brained scheme to try and liberate Seb Blood’s mother’s insane asylum file from the secure data warehouse only to get caught and have to have Arrow saves their asses – then find out the file they stole was empty because Seb blood outsmarted them and got to it first.

Slade in his DeathStroke-like mask threatening Seb Blood.

Slade in his DeathStroke-like mask threatening Seb Blood.

Arrow goes to meet with Seb Blood as normal person Oliver, ostensibly to give him a chance to come clean but, naturally, he does not and just plays coy and then – after a reprimand from Slade – sends his Mirakuru-laced police officer goon to do his dirty work for him and arrest Laurel at her apartment for her drug problem and the goons knock out Oliver to boot.

Laurel is interrogated – sorta, it’s more like a scolding – by her father, who feels she’s all hepped up on prescription med goofballs to believe her story accusing Seb Blood of being a bad guy.

Flashback #3 arrives and Sara contacts Ivo who, of course, promptly tries to sweet talk her and get some trickeration in her brain.

Thea begins to question Roy’s actions, motives and fisticuffs but you’ll be hard-pressed to find many people who care.

Laurel is brought to the Starling Cannery by Seb Blood’s henchmen and the ‘ol Skull Mask comes out again but Laurel calls his bluff and then Arrow intervenes for the Arrow v. Seb Blood Death Match which seems to be going along nicely until Laurel locates a gun and pops a few caps into Seb Blood, giving the win to Arrow on the judges’ scorecards until Laurel asks Arrow to de-maskify the dude and..uh-oh…find out it wasn’t really him at all but his main goon.

In the scenario roundup, pardner, Laurel gets fired due to her substance abuse problem [but freeing her to pursue more hare-brained ideas!], Roy agrees to set up the Roy Academy of Controlling Your Newfound Power with Arrow, Sara blows off Dr. Ivo in Flashback #4 and finally, Slade threatens Seb Blood with death by killing if he fails again. Oh – and Diggle’s injury from last week is all miraculously healed and he’s very believably good to go again!

The Poop and Skinny: The title comes blurting out of Oliver’s mouth near the end of the episode when he professes to having a “blind spot” where Laurel is concerned.

Last week it was a South African winery, Two Oceans, receiving a gratuitous product placement in a scene and this week it’s Lenovo computers. Is this really necessary?

As if the entire city is not teeming with them, Laurel, refers to Roy as Arrow’s “groupie” – credibility issue #215.

Arrow’s next episode is “Tremors” where Oliver tries to teach Roy a thing or two, the Bronze Tiger escapes and steals an earthquake machine and nobody talks about the Super Bowl because it’s filmed in Canada.

Burning question for the next episode of “Arrow” – Why doesn’t the police department pay its electric bill on time?

As always – it is important to remember that, at any juncture where the situation appears to be dire for Arrow/Oliver and his very life may be in danger – there would be no more show [and therefore no more money to be made] if he were to die. You continue to be welcome.

Slade threatening Seb Blood without the need of a mask - just an eye patch.

Slade threatening Seb Blood without the need of a mask – just an eye patch.

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