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Archer Vice – Smuggler’s Blues – Season 5, Episode 7

by on March 11, 2014

The boys go to Colombia with 100 pounds of cocaine for the Cali cartel.

The boys go to Colombia with 100 pounds of cocaine for the Cali cartel.

Synopsis: To try and raise money, Archer, Cyril and Ray take some of their cocaine stash to Colombia to try and sell to what they think is the queen bee of the Cali drug cartel.

Details: In pseudo-ISIS-like fashion, Archer, Cyril and Ray have absconded with 100 pounds of the group’s cocaine stash with the brilliant idea of trying to sell the coke to the queen bee – La Madrena – of the Cali cartel in Colombia. Of course, they have failed to notify Malory – or anybody – of their plans and intentions so Malory tries to get Krieger to tell her where all the other men of the house are but only succeeds in finding out where Woodhouse is – and it’s not good.

Archer takes the trio into Colombia to locate La Madrena and eventually mistakenly locates her after getting trapped between a paramilitary outfit and government forces or somebody masquerading as government forces and paramilitary outfits – it’s all so confusing in Colombia. La Madrena kidnaps the trio and drugs Cyril and Ray while having hot dominatrix sex with Archer, then reveals herself to actually be a government agent and has Archer, Cyril and Ray trucked off to prison.

Meanwhile, back at historic Tunt Manor, Lana is practicing baby feeding by spoon-feeding cocaine to Pam while the Cherlene Tour is put on temporary hold while they figure out a plan to rescue the boys from Colombian prison in next week’s episode – “The Rules of Extraction”.

The Poop and Skinny: Top four things to remember from this episode…

Woodhouse is the primary subject of moneymaking scheme – GILF.com.

SnackleSnap – the “Archer”ized version of SnapChat.

A 1960s-era Toyota Land Cruiser makes a cameo appearance.

Deservedly so, “Archer” received a two-season extension from Fox last week – taking them through Season Seven.

The coveted TZ Best Line of the Episode Award goes to Cyril, sans “phrasing” who is running toward Archer – “I’m coming as fast as I can!”

The Toyota Land Cruiser betrays the boys.

The Toyota Land Cruiser betrays the boys.

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