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Archer Vice – Palace Intrigue, Part II – Season 5, Episode 11

by on April 8, 2014

Archer "accidentally" shoots things and people to cover up his anonymous sex with Juliana.

Archer “accidentally” shoots things and people to cover up his anonymous sex with Juliana.

Synopsis: The artists formerly known as ISIS are still trapped in the palace of Senor Presidente, Gustavo Calderon in the Central American country of San Marcos but finally figure a way out – sorta.

Details: Archer begins the episode by intentionally shooting Cyril – surprise! – but only because he knows Cyril always wears a Kevlar vest when he visits Central American countries. Cyril protests, accusing Archer of knowing this and always shooting him when they are in Central American countries but Archer begs to differ – “Not every time, three out of four.”

The artists formerly known as ISIS have traveled down to the Central American dictatorship country of San Marcos to sort out their drugs-for-guns program with dictator-in-residence Gustavo Calderon [Fred Armisen – “Portlandia”] but remain trapped in his palace while the Presidente has purchased one million copies of Cherlene’s debut album, Krieger is captured by clones and Archer is having “anonymous” sex with Calderon’s wife, Juliana [Lauren Cohan – “Walking Dead”].

Malory decides they should leave San Marcos and since they can’t find Krieger, they should just leave him behind – a decision which distresses Krieger as he views it on the surveillance camera in a room with his three clones. Meanwhile, Gustavo explains to Cherlene why he purchased one million copies of her debut album [to distribute to the poor] and expresses his intent to divorce Juliana and marry her.

When Juliana learns of Gustavo’s plan, she intends to kill both Archer and Cherlene but misses Cherlene and Gustavo, upon learning that Archer slept with Juliana, starts firing at Archer but Pam dives to take the bullet intended for Archer – “because she’s not a pussy” [but also because she has a Kevlar vest on too like Cyril].

Malory tells Ray to warm up the plane so they can leave San Marcos.

Malory tells Ray to warm up the plane so they can leave San Marcos.

The Poop and Skinny: Top four things to remember from this episode…

Cyril passes up a 1954 Mercedes Coupe in Gustavo Calderon’s automobile collection to select a tank as their escape vehicle.

The “Thomas Crown Affair” was a 1968 movie originally starring Steve McQueen and then remade in 1999 starring Pierce Brosnan.

Schoolhouse Rock! was a series of cartoons in the 1970s set to music which explained various parts of everyday life.

Three slap fights in one episode!

Only two episodes of “Archer” remain in Season Five

The coveted TZ Best Line of the Episode Award goes to Krieger [the real one] – “If there’s one thing I love more than triumph it’s annoying vagueness.”

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