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Archer Episode Recap – Sea Tunt, Part One – Season 4, Episode 12

by on April 5, 2013

Cecil's girlfriend, Tiffy, pilots the Choppersaurus to Cecil's underwater city.

Cecil’s girlfriend, Tiffy, pilots the Choppersaurus to Cecil’s underwater city.

Synopsis: Cheryl’s brother Cecil is trying to get her chunk of the family inheritance by proving she’s crazy – and lures the ISIS group into the Bermuda Triangle with a ruse that they need to collect a hydrogen bomb from a downed B-52 bomber before the Russians do.

Details: Cheryl’s “stupid, gross brother” Cecil has a submersible that Malory would like to use collect a hydrogen bomb that she has been led to believe is still encased in a downed B-52 bomber within the Bermuda Triangle – and she’d like to do it before the Russians get their grimy mitts on it. But she has been led to believe this by Cecil and Cecil is really out to gather evidence that her sister is crazy and therefore snag her chunk of the family inheritance. Nevertheless, the entire ISIS group is in on this “assignment” and the fact that Archer spends nearly the entire episode mixing and drinking cocktails has little or no bearing on why he thinks they should invade either Bermuda or the Bahamas [or something beginning with a “B”].

Cecil owns an island where he keeps his private helicopter – or “Choppersaurus” – which they all pile into as they supposedly take off for the location of the hydrogen bomb-laden B-52 bomber. The Choppersaurus is piloted by Cecil’s girlfriend, Tiffy, who also happens to be Cheryl’s mortal enemy.

While Archer makes room for a Fuzzy Navel [which eventually turns into a Hairy Navel], Cecil is collecting evidence from the unwitting Malory on Cheryl’s quirks – including her affinity for arson and choke sex [inspired by Barry].

Meanwhile, Pam has eagerly discovered the vegetarian-themed buffet and, although she is allergic to soy, cannot keep herself from loudly snacking on the buffet for most of the episode, gradually becoming puffier and puffier due to her allergic reaction. After Pam physically rejects Archer’s tracheotomy attempt to help her breathe, he eventually jams an EpiPen in her neck to stave off the anaphylactic shock generated by her soy allergy and, for most of this time, Ray is busy painting a green camo face on Cyril so he can “look fierce” and not because he will need it in the open ocean or underwater.

Cecil fesses up that he has an underwater city and upon the arrival of the Choppersaurus at Cecil’s underwater city, we discover that it is run by Captain Murphy of “Sealab 2021” fame – and the Captain has returned from the Great Spice Wars to threaten to launch VX nerve gas missiles at various cities unless he gets what he wants in Part Two…

The Poop and Skinny: Top three things to remember from this episode…

The United States bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark [in 1916-17 for $25 million in gold].

There are three voice actors from “Bob’s Burgers” in this episode – Cecil [Eugene Mirman – who is also the voice of Gene on BB], Kristen Schaal [who is Tiffy in this episode and Louise on BB] and, of course, H. Jon Benjamin, who is both Archer and Bob on BB.

It takes three Long Island Iced Teas to really take the edge off.

Captain Murphy is voiced by Jon Hamm – subbing in for the original voice actor Harry Goz, who passed away in 2003.

The coveted TZ Best Line of the Episode Award goes to Cheryl – “Thanks Mr. Peabody!” [Archer to Cyril after Cyril informs him of the history behind the Virgin Islands – referring to the old Fractured FairyTales duo of Sherman and Mr. Peabody]

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