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Archer Episode Recap – The Wind Cries Mary – Season 4, Episode 2 Recap

by on March 8, 2013

Archer discovers his best friend from the ISIS spy academy, Luke Troy, just wants to open a bed & Breakfast in Vermont with Archer.

Archer discovers his best friend from the ISIS spy academy, Luke Troy, just wants to open a bed & Breakfast in Vermont with Archer.

Synopsis: Sterling Archer’s [H. Jon Benjamin] best buddy in the ISIS spy academy was Lucas Troy [Timothy Olyphant] – but then he joined ODIN, went rogue and killed some ODIN agents, stole millions and sold uranium on the black market – all because all he ever wanted to do was open a bed-and-breakfast with Archer in Vermont.

Details: We open this week’s episode to find it is peer review time at ISIS headquarters and Pam is in charge – but this is troublesome for Dr. Krieger as he can’t be bothered to clean up the dead pig in the break room since he’s too busy trying to achieve the same human power ratio as ants. While Pam is trying to get everybody to fill out their peer review forms, the notoriously short attention spans of the ISIS team have switched to the story of Lucas Troy, who was Archer’s best/only friend [cut to scene showing lonely Archer in lacrosse gear at prep school] in the ISIS spy academy. A bromance was formed and Archer and Luke were inseparable in their escapades until Luke decided to sign up with rival spy agency ODIN instead of ISIS. Lana vigorously implies that Luke was really gay for Archer and this was the real reason they were inseparable – a notion Archer readily dismisses.

But that is not the end of it – Luke not only signs up with the rival agency, he becomes a rogue agent, killing four ODIN agents, stealing millions of dollars, sells uranium on the black market and fakes his own death – all so he can open a bed-and-breakfast in Vermont. Archer, however, believes he has faked his own death to out the mole responsible for framing him for the deaths of the agents, theft of the money and sale of the uranium – though not necessarily the purchase of the dilapidated bed-and-breakfast [which perplexes Archer but makes perfect sense to Lana].

To set the story straight, Archer heads off to Vermont [“Wait, Vermont has liquor stores, right?”] to meet Luke while Cyril and Lana follow as Cyril attempts to fill out Pam’s peer review form along the way. As Cyril uses the in-car radar locator to report that they are closing in on Archer at the Vermont B&B [“the doohickey says he’s 30 minutes away”], we switch to Archer already at the B&B [named Twin Oaks by Luke] where Luke reveals that he always had strong feelings for Archer and wanted to operate a B&B with Archer in Vermont. Expecting Archer to not take this well, he has drugged his red wine and tells Archer of his plans to continue to sell uranium and kill the just-arriving Cyril and Lana while Pam continues to complain that nobody is turning in her peer reviews.

What Luke forgets is that Archer’s body metabolizes toxins quicker than a normal human being and Archer awakes faster than he had planned – albeit finding himself locked up in pink fluff handcuffs while Luke taunts the encroaching Cyril and Lana and her “Spray and Pray” Lana shooting style. But Lana tricks Luke by using a naked Cyril as a homosexual bait trap and topples a tree on top of him.

Archer comes on the scene to comfort the dying Luke only to have Luke give a dying confession about that one time after Archer had passed out drunk, he put on some Al Green and performed an unspecified sexual act on Archer.

The episode ends with Archer, Cyril and Lana riding home in the car with Archer in the back seat, everybody silent for 10 seconds until Archer says “Can we have some radio?”

The Poop and Skinny: In addition to the revelation that Archer had a gay friend in the spy academy, there are a couple other revelations beginning with the fact that there is a new “gun librarian” on the ISIS team named Rodney and he only answers to Malory.

Once again, Archer’s El Camino makes an appearance as he notes that he has an El Camino “full of rampage”.

Pam says Cheryl has slept with so many men, she has a dick holster.

The title is a reference to a song by Jimi Hendrix.

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