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Archer Episode Recap – Legs – Season 4, Episode 3

by on March 9, 2013

Archer explains to Cheryl what his big gun is used for.

Archer explains to Cheryl what his big gun is used for.

Synopsis: Dr. Krieger wants to turn paraplegic Ray into a cyborg by giving him robot legs – either that or he’s bored in the lab and wants to try something new – but Archer [H. Jon Benjamin] objects because he hasn’t fared too well against cyborgs and he fears a rise of the machines while Rodney the “gun librarian” gets a more detailed introduction in this episode foreshadowing the legendary 4th of Ju-luau.

Details: We follow paraplegic Ray as he wakes up and takes us through his usual morning routine of self-loathing except this time – the elevator is out of order. Once he arrives at ISIS headquarters, he discovers that everybody is going to Rome. Archer seems to be going for the opportunity to collect fine Italian shoes but as for everybody else, no reason is given or needed – as just the claim of going to Rome is usually good enough as a plot device in any “Archer” episode.

Before the trip to Rome can properly commence though, Dr. Krieger eagerly approaches Ray about replacing his useless legs with robot legs but Ray is rightfully skeptical given Dr. Krieger’s less-than-glorious past success in his other experiments.

Before the ISIS team can go to Rome for Archer’s shoes and whatever else they need to do in Italy, they have to pick up a grenade launcher from the Armory which Archer does until Rodney the “gun librarian” discovers that there is no grenade launcher requisition form from Malory – and as we found out in the last episode, Rodney will only take orders from her. Archer still has the grenade launcher but Rodney seals them in the Armory reception room to prevent their escape. When Cheryl informs Archer that she’s supposed to help Dr. Krieger turn Ray into a cyborg, Archer’s fear of cyborgs in general, a “gay Terminator” and rise of the machines kicks in and he tries to shoot the grenade launcher at the door to bust them out of the room – which only succeeds in creating temporary deafness and tearing off particles of clothing of him and Cheryl though not Rodney, since he is behind a protective shield.

Meanwhile, Dr. Krieger has successfully convinced Ray that vanadium bones will be used to replace his old bones and Pam is engaged as his surgery assistant but keeps dropping her beer can empties into Ray during surgery causing delays and Dr. Krieger to become annoyed.

Once Archer becomes semi-coherent, he sheds clothing and escapes through a heating duct with the grenade launcher strapped to his back and winds his way thought the heating ducts unaware that somebody forgot to turn the heat off and eventually plops down through the roof of the office where everybody is assembled with an upright Ray on his new robot legs.

After briefly picking himself up, the naked Archer taunts Cyril with a line from “Terminator” then collapses with Pam making the episode-ending remark – “Just like the 4th of Ju-luau.” With Cheryl adding – …” if you slid a pig under him.”

The Poop and Skinny: Right off the bat, we have a clarification that Archer’s El Camino is neither a truck nor a car – either way, it pisses of Ray – and we find out later in the episode [via Ron Cadillac] that the El Camino will “hold way more Hispanics and lawn mowers than a new Cadillac.”

Dr. Krieger – in an attempt to soothe Ray about sawing off his legs and replacing them with robot legs – tries to explain the process and eventually boils it down to “The human body is basically a potato clock.”

In the course of this discussion, we also discover that “God should give you an erection”.

Ron Cadillac tries to convince Malory to take a cruise but Malory becomes increasingly annoyed with his tame vacation suggestions.

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