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Archer Episode Recap – Fugues And Riffs – Season 4, Episode 1 Recap

by on March 8, 2013


Archer/Bob discusses the Shazam!/ISIS Hour with a rapt Lana.

Archer/Bob discusses the Shazam!/ISIS Hour with a rapt Lana.

Synopsis: Superspy Sterling Archer [H. Jon Benjamin] has a serious case of psychogenic retrograde amnesia and opens his fourth season at the shop of Fox‘s animated show, Bob’s Burgers – as the proprietor, Bob, but still looking like Archer – which works out fine because Benjamin does Bob’s voice too, until, uh-oh, Russian KGB agents come in and they and they are not interested in buying burgers.

Details: Archer looks like Archer and sounds like Archer but he also sounds like Bob and he’s working behind the animated counter at Bob’s Burgers – the Fox show where Benjamin also voices the main character of Bob. In this much-anticipated crossover episode, Archer/Bob [animated to look like Archer, as opposed to Bob] battles with his wife Linda in typical repartee from the “Bob’s Burgers” show, only to be interrupted by a visit from four Russian KGB agents who inform Archer/Bob that they are not there to rob the place but rather to kill Archer/Bob. When faced with the prospect of being killed, a confused Archer/Bob suddenly speaks Russian and channels his inner ISIS agent and summarily executes all four agents while the horrified Linda and kids look on – at which point Archer/Bob announces he needs a spa weekend to figure things out.

A traumatic event has caused Archer to lapse into psychogenic retrograde amnesia, disappear for two months and only show up on the radar screen after offing the KGB agents. Back at ISIS headquarters, the KGB hit has alerted the agents to Archer’s existence and Lana provides background information to mother Malory but Dr. Krieger warns that they must work him out of his amnesiac state with gentle, subtle reminders because “this isn’t the Flintstones and can’t just whang him over the head with a frying pan!”

The ISIS team decides to go to the spa with the first plan to have Lana seduce Archer/Bob to allow him to recover in a damsel-in-distress scenario but Lana notices Archer wearing a wedding ring alluding to his marriage to Linda but he dismisses it as fake by saying he only uses it “to fend off the cougars, like that one over there!” – pointing to his mother Malory who is spying on the pair from across the pool.

Lana has difficulty convincing Archer/Bob what ISIS is as Archer/Bob thinks it is not a spy agency but the 1970s live action show “Shazam!/Isis” with Billy Batson playing the part of a boy traveling around in a Winnebago and crying out “Shazam! To have lightning transform him into Captain Marvel – the world’s mightiest mortal. Archer/Bob remembers that the part of Billy Batson was played by actor Michael Gray – a memory that begins his path to mental freedom, even if it’s more Bob’s memory than Archer’s.

Lana continues to try and coax Archer out of his Bob brain while Cyril and Dr. Krieger pose as fake KGB agents to help prod his memory – only real KGB agents show up and ambush the group with guns shooting real bullets – it is now that Lana informs Archer/Bob that the guns they have all have blanks. With KGB agents peppering the bar they are hiding behind with bullets, Archer/Bob tries to make Molotov cocktails out of Bailey’s Irish Cream, but it’s too thick [“thicker than he remembers”]. The Russian firefight begins to break him out of his fog of amnesia, however, he still is sputtering gibberish and Krieger says its due to “his mindbrain permanently rejecting his real identity”. But when it’s not happening fast enough for Lana’s liking, she whangs him over the head with a frying pan [all spa pool bars have frying pans, right?].

Once his head his cleared of all Bob thoughts, Archer resumes being the Archer we all know and love and immediately assesses the situation and grabs Lana’s bikini top [using bar coasters as nipple covers] for use as a real Molotov cocktail tosser, then fashions an ice scoop as a lacrosse Molotov thrower and flings them until all there is left are burning Russian crisps.

With the Russians disposed of, Cheryl, Pam and Malory – who have been enjoying a mud bath for most of the action – along with LSD-soaked Gummi bears for Cheryl, allowing her to see ostriches, re-convene with the rest of the group and we finally discover what the reason was for Archer carjacking a limo all those months ago – her marriage to Ron Cadillac [the owner of the biggest Cadillac dealership in New York] and not his hero, Burt Reynolds.

But what about the Russians? Controlled by Barry the cyborg from his marooned space station as he kills scientists when their plan to kill Archer doesn’t meet with success. The episode ends, appropriately enough, with Cheryl hallucinating and seeing talking ostriches.

The Poop and Skinny: The opening sequence is an obvious reference to the film  “A History of Violence” and the five ingredients to a perfect Archer margarita are: tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, ice and Kosher salt.

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