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Archer Episode Recap – Un Chien Tangerine – Season 4, Episode 10

by on April 12, 2013

Lana finds sleep difficult in Tangiers, Morocco while Archer admires the repulsively low consent age.

Lana finds sleep difficult in Tangiers, Morocco while Archer admires the repulsively low consent age.

Synopsis: Archer and Lana are sent to Morocco by Malory to extract a malodorous agent named Kazak.

Details: Malory sends Archer and Lana to Tangiers, Morocco to extract an agent named Kazak and almost immediately there are issues between the two ISIS superagents – beginning with sharing a hotel room. Lana is sleeping on the floor while Archer is sprawled out the wrong way and naked on the bed amongst various alcohol bottles strewn about. Lana complains of not getting enough sleep what with Archer entertaining underage Dutch girls all night and everything.

The pair go to the hotel room where Kazak is holed up and find a large dog inhabiting the room instead – as the dog barrels out of the room and lands on Lana [who implores Archer to get it off her as it’s “crushing her tits”]. They quickly learn – via the dog’s name tag – that the dog is named Kazak and is actually the “agent” who needs the extraction due to the microfilm embedded in his collar, no doubt.

Back at ISIS headquarters, Pam wants to be a field agent and points out to Malory that she has passed all the ISIS tests – including a perfect score on the written test and beating up Cyril, Ray and Krieger in the combat test.

Meanwhile in Morocco, Archer and Lana load up Kazak the dog into a Fiat 500 only to realize the dog has flatulence and vomiting issues once the car starts bumping around on the rough roads and quickly stinks up the confined area and messes up both Archer and Lana’s shirts. Archer continues to harangue Lana, finally forcing Lana to quit as she leaves the car and stalks off in the middle of the desert – but without all her survival gear in the back seat.

Archer talks to himself vicariously through the dog and eventually talks himself into going back to retrieve Lana who, by now, has been picked up by Moroccan agents riding around in a pickup truck. Archer assaults the Moroccans in his dog-laden Fiat – not an easy task, mind you – and rescues Lana, who decides not to quit after all. Kazak the dog, however, overcome by emotion of the moment, farts to end the episode.

The Poop and Skinny: Top three things to remember from this episode…

Sterling Archer Daniels Midland is Archer’s full name.

Lana has been demoted from Archer’s Agent-In-Command in the last episode to dogwatcher in this episode.

Archer laments that they had a dog once when he was young and Malory never forgot the dog’s birthday.

Low rug prices are a great reason not to shoot a person in Morocco.

“Un Chien Tangerine”, roughly translated, means – “Get off my lawn!” [No, really, it means “A Tangerine Dog”].

The coveted TZ Best Line of the Episode Award goes to Malory, who, when asked to guess why Pam was in her office, tries this answer – “You finally saved enough for a sex change?”

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