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AOL Launches In2TV

by on March 15, 2006

Holy flashbacks! AOL has teamed up with Warner Brothers to create In2TV. The site shows classic full-length episodes of your favorite Warner Bros. shows on the web for free. Among the 14 channels is Toontopia TV which airs the following cartoons:

Beetlejuice: Tim Burton’s prankster poltergeist causes trouble in and out of the Neitherworld, along with his goth friend Lydia.

Freakazoid: Produced by Steven Spielberg, the toon is about a young kid who got zapped to the Internet and faces villains like the Lobe, Cobra Queen, and a man who sounds like Khan (which is played by Ricardo Montalban).

Pinky & the Brain: Another Spielberg toon, the show is a spin-off of Animaniacs about two lab mice from the Acme Labs. One wants to take over the world, and the other is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. The toon is still fun to watch.

Histeria!: I’m not much of a fan of this show, but you need to take a look at it. Its absolutely hysterical.

I saved the best one for last–The New Adventures of Batman: This is the classic 70s cartoon featuring the voices of Adam West & Burt Ward as the Dynamic Duo. Facing villains like The Joker, The Penguin, and The Catwoman is a tough job. However, it’s an even tougher job when Bat-Mite gets involved.

In2TV is not only a great way of seeing classic Warner Bros. shows on the web, but–the way I see it–is also a sign that one day we might see these types of shows on DVD.

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