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Aniplex USA Details “Kill la Kill” English Cast and Release

by on May 29, 2014

KillLaKillKeyVisualDuring an internet broadcast event Wednesday evening, Aniplex of America unveiled the English language trailer and English voice casting for leading characters in Studio Trigger’s 2013 action anime Kill la Kill:

  • Erica Mendez as Ryuko Matoi
  • David Vincent as Senketsu
  • Christine Marie Cabanos as Mako Mankanshoku
  • Carrie Keranen as Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Grant George as Uzu Sanageyama
  • Steve Cannon as Houka Inumuta
  • Patrick Seitz as Ira Gamagoori
  • Sarah Ann Williams as Nonon Jakuzure
  • Matt Mercer as Aikuro Mikisugi
  • Lindsey Eaton as Motaro Mankanshoku
  • Michael Sorich as Barazo Mankanshoku
  • Erika Harlacher as Sukuyo Mankanshoku

Aniplex will screen the first dubbed episode of Kill la Kill during a special event at Anime Expo on Friday, July 4th in Los Angeles. The recently completed 24-episode anime involved several staff who collaborated on Gainax’s Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann during their time at that studio including Director Hiroyuki Imaishi, scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima, set designer You Yoshinari, and character designer and chief animation director SUSHIO. On Aniplex’s English official site, the series is summarized as follows:

Ryuko Matoi is a vagrant school girl traveling from place to place searching for clues to the truth behind her father’s death, the “woman with the scissor blade.” The journey has led Ryuko to Honnouji Academy. Honnouji Academy, where an elite group of students is granted superhuman powers by their special uniforms called the “Goku uniform.” ¬†With the power of the uniform, the student body president, Satsuki Kiryuin rules the students with unquestioned power and fear. Satsuki holds the secret to the “Scissor blade” and Ryuko confronts Satsuki to gain information, but…

Was their encounter a mere coincidence or fate? The clash between the two will soon consume the whole academy!

Aniplex of America plans to release the show across five volumes on Blu-ray and DVD, with the first volume containing the first four episodes dated for July 15, 2014. Extras on the discs will include English and Spanish subtitles, the Japanese and English language voice tracks, and a textless version of the series opening. In addition to standard edition DVD (store price $29.98) and Blu-ray (store price $39.98), Aniplex will also sell a limited edition release at a store price of store price of $59.98 that includes both the Blu-ray and DVD disc, a postcard set, a double-sided poster and a soundtrack CD featuring rearranged and remixed music by series composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

Kill la Kill streams digitally on Hulu, on Crunchyroll for North and South America, and on Daisuki worldwide except for ¬†“Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, some Asian areas, France and some French-speaking areas”. The series was also recently added to Netflix. In March Anime Limited announced it would release Kill la Kill for home video in the UK, starting in “Q4 2014”.

(note: Kill la Kill is not for kids and its trailer is NSFW).

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