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AnimeExpo2012: The Madoka Magica Voice Actor Panel Report

by on July 5, 2012

Of course, cons aren’t all announcements and promotion. Sometimes, it’s just the con giving the fans what they want, and given the blistering hot status of Madoka Magica, it’s no shock to see a panel gathering the principal US dub cast. Specifically, Cassandra Lee (Kyubey), Christine Cabanos (Madoka), Cristina Vee (Homura), Carrie Keranen (Mami), Lauren Landa (Kyoko) and Sarah Williams (Sayaka) were all there, with anime legend Kyle Herbert (Madoka’s Dad) hosting the panel.

After taking a picture of the whole audience wearing Kyubey masks, they announced the results of a fan survey about the top 3 episodes of Madoka, where episode 3 placed 3rd, episode 12 placed 2nd and episode 10 placed first. Then came some cast interviews. In regards to the question of how much the VAs related to their respective characters, the responses were quite interesting. Cabanos feels she has Madoka’s genuine and sweet attitude. Williams said that said that Sayaka reminded her of her childhood. Kerenen said Mami was a wonderful character and that she loved Mami’s helpful side. Landa respects the protective side of Kyoko and likes how the character is “a total badass.” Vee said that Homura was quite a special character for her, and that she shares the character’s softer side. Lee doesn’t feel she shares much of Kyubey’s personality, but she understood his motivation and liked the questions the character raised.

The relatively serious interviews were soon wrapped for a little more fun. First, the VAs traded characters. Kyle Herbert read a line from Kyubey in a spot-on Bill Cosby imitation, though it was surprising how well the VAs on stage could each take on the other characters. That acting skill would come in handy for the next trick, where the VAs competed against each other to see who could be the best magical girl recruiter. What started with passionate line reads culminated in a win for Lee, though only after a tie-breaker round where she pulled out a “Call Me Maybe” joke and also did made the magical girl recruitment plea in Spanish. To say the audience went insane is an understatement; it was almost deafening.

That energy wouldn’t get a chance to subside either, as they wrapped the panel up with a premiere of dub outtakes from the show. Some of them were simple flubs, others were ad libs that would never work in the actual show but were sidesplitting here. After a thank you from all the VAs, that was that, and that was a blast.

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