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Anime Boston 2014: Gggooodd m m m morrnnn ing ing ing……*shiver*

by on March 22, 2014

Good morning from a rather cold Anime Boston. “But Mr Press Man! Can’t you stay inside all the time at Anime Boston?” you say? Normally I would say, “Yes, you are correct sir!”, but this is not a normal year. Apparently this year, the Hynes is insisting on a new bag check policy that created what looked like a 30+ minute line just to get into the building from the main Prudential Center entrance. I ended up running around the building to the other outside entrance. No line, but it’s quite chilly this year, so that’s going to make for some interesting times getting in and out. Also a possibly “interesting” thing, whoever the heck is playing an ocarina outside the panel room I’m in is very off-key. Owwwwww.

So it’s Anime Boston time again. A little earlier this year…well, actually 2 months earlier because apparently scheduling the Hynes is a bit of a pain. Our feature guests are the artists that make up JAM Project (aka Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui and Yoshiki Fukuyama, aka the folks who have sung almost every anime opening and ending theme and ever). There’s also most of the original vocal cast from Sailor Moon, who just happen to be here right after information started leaking about the new Sailor Moon production in Japan……hmmmmmmmm. Of course there’s also a lot of the usual trappings like the AMV contest, panels panels and more panels, games (both video and board), the dealers room, the other dealers room aka artists alley…errrrr attic being that it’s up on the top of the building, an entire track of programing dedicated to cosplay games, and and and and and and…you get the idea.

So here’s to a busy, hard charging, and hopefuly not particularly cold weekend

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