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Anime Boston 2014: Attack on Anime Boston!

by on March 22, 2014

*crawls out of a warm corner*

Oh hey, yeah, still cold, still have to use the outside entrance. I suppose the cold is to be expected in March in Boston. The security lines? Well, I suppose we will have to expect those from now on. The modern world, eh? Enough depressing things, this is an anime con so let’s have some fun.

Friday happened. At least I think it did. I was kinda sick for part of it, so some parts are a bit of a blur. I do know a really awesome full band JAM Project show happened, which will get its own article after the group does their solo songs tonight. There were also panels. So so so many panels. Panels on 20 years of FUNimation…yeah, 20 years of those Dragon Ball Z guys. Panels about fandom. Panels about live-action adaptations that are pretty good. And that was just Friday. Also the ever popular “Panel about the back of my eye lids as I need a nap.”

And now, just because, a list of things I either want to see more of or less of…….

More: Interesting cosplay. There was a either zombified or street gang Sailor Moon group on Friday. I don’t know which it was….yes, I know it sounds weird and/or dumb, but it actually looked really cool

Less: Homestuck. Seriously, it’s like Naruto or Bleach cosplay a few years back, but less actually connected to anime, which is the ostensible reason for the con.

More: Security guards at the Prudential Center entrance. That line is huge.

Less: People stoppping in the middle of the damn hallway.

More: Odd/awesome panel ideas. Maybe the best thing Anime Boston does is really mix up the kinds of panels they offer so it’s not all “ask a (fill in the blank)” or voice actor panels.

Less: Marco Polo in the escalator wells. Seriously folks, they only thing you’re doing is giving other folks a headache.

More: Dealers who have a really neat selection of stuff.

Less: Dealers who only have “cool” t-shirts. They’re not “cool,” they’re “stupid” and taking up a massive amount of space in the hall.

More: Old school and/or unusual cosplay. Nothing wrong with going for something not everyone knows.

Less: “Sexy” cosplay. It’s not sexy, it’s creepy. I don’t care if the official rights owner sexed up the character on their own or if you did it yourself, it gets tiring. I’m looking especially at you DC Comics.

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