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Anime Boston 2013: Saturday Morning’s Alright for Sleeping

by on May 26, 2013

Ohh, it’s already Saturday?  My how time flies when you’re…umm…sick.  And having fun.  Mustn’t forget the fun.  Chief among the just plain silly/fun things yesterday was Anime Boston’s annual running of The Chibi Project, which surprisingly has nothing at all to do with shrinking people and then making them run all over the place on a sugar high…..yet.  The Chibi Project is actually about the destruction of cheap toys through various creative means.  Sadly you can’t actually set anything on fire on purpose in the Hynes, so we were limited to watching Patrick Delahanty, founder of The Chibi Project and Anime Boston, take a soldering iron to several small polyvinyl chloride figures while his partner in crime Jekka inhaled the fumes and decided to see what a cup of water would taste like after having a burned PVC figurine dropped into it.  Apparently the answer is “possibly dioxin”.  There were also premiers of the English vocal tracks for Fate/Zero and Eureka 7 AO, but those are better saved for actual articles.

So far, today has featured sleeping, attempts at sleeping, and the AMV contest.  Pretty good slate of videos this year.  The sleeping could have gone better though.  It turns out the floor of a hotel room is much softer after you’ve had a few adult beverages, and when one of your room mates doesn’t snore like a moped missing its muffler.  At least I didn’t have to go outside at all as it’s still 55 degrees out there and it’s very drizzly.  I thought Anime Boston was on Memorial Day weekend?  This is more like March weather, so maybe it’s just a preview for next year when the con actually is in March, again. Well, catch you all again after the very long run of industry panels this afternoon.  We’ve got Sunrise, Sentai Filmworks and FUNimatiom back to back to back.  That’s gonna be…..something.  And ap0logies in advance to anyone I give Con Crud to.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article misspelled Patrick Delahanty’s last name and misheard the name of his “partner in crime” as “Jessa.” There was also a bit in there about calling Jekka a “weird song,” and since our reporter is unavailable due to a family emergency, I’m going to go with “doggone auto-correct!” Toonzone regrets the errors.

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