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Anime Boston 2010: End of Day 1

by on April 3, 2010

So it was about…1am Saturday, when this was first worked on.  That makes about 15 hours of conning so far, with a bit to go while this is wrapped up.  It been quite a day. Among the various interesting tidbits, and some not so interesting ones as well sadly, was the Surviving Japan 101 panel.  In short, it was a westerner’s guide to traveling to and living in Japan, focusing on Tokyo in particular.  The presenter was a westerner who has been living in Japan full time for the last 4 years, surviving as a photographer for the J-Punk scene.  Some very interesting insights were provided, like bring your favorite toiletries with you and a lot of clothes since you won’t find anything in your size.  Bring comfy shoes as you will walk a lot and there aren’t many western sized shoes in Japan.  Always have your passport or resident alien card with you because if you don’t and the police ask you for it, you can be thrown in jail.  And so on and so forth.

One of the big things going on at Anime Boston 2010 is game shows.  Things like Anime Pictionary, Who Wants to be an ANIMillionaire? and others of that ilk, plus some more traditional Japanese game shows like 10,000 Answers.  The quality of the games is very much dependent on the players, for better or worse, usually worse.  When you get someone who freezes up a lot, it makes the game very very slow and frustrating.  When you have a drawing tablet from 15 years ago that doesn’t really…umm..work, that’s frustrating. When you replace said tablet with a mouse and a laptop, things get quite a bit more fun as you can tell what people are drawing.  Most of the early day was filled with stuff like the games and smaller panels, though the Vile Specter of Moe panel attracted a good crowd at first at least.

After the Video Game Orchestra show, reviewed in another post, the Anime Music Video contest kicked off down the hall.  It was….ummm…it…ahhh….hmmm…well, it was disappointing.  I’m afraid we just don’t know how to make good action videos anymore, and that is very very sad.  A sparkly, shiny mess of quick cuts with no flow is not a good music video.  Comedy was pretty good though.  After the AMV competition there was not much left going on probably because they did not wrap up till after midnight.  There was the Chibi Project panel in the middle of the AMV competition though, and that was quite a bit of fun.  The Chibi Project is series of experiments in random toy destruction that started with a chibi Usa figurine a few years back being run over by a T train, and has flowed out from there to include things such as setting dolls on fire, shooting them with potato guns, strapping them to mini-rocket engines, plush dolls versus circular saw and this years feature, 5 Love Hina figurines versus a circular sander.  The dolls didn’t have much of a chance.

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