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Anime Boston 2010: Day 2 – Seized

by on April 4, 2010

The first part of Saturday was surprisingly quiet.  It seems they decided to give everyone some time to recover, or just plain pass out, before starting up the big stuff.  There were a couple of nice little panels about the convention experience and a few rounds of the various game shows made up the bulk of the early programing.  With the big costume masquerade happening Saturday evening I suppose that makes sense.  Also, my day was broken up for a few hours by meeting a very good non-anime fan friend to hang out for a while outside the Hynes complex, and it was a lovely afternoon.  I’m not sure I have ever been to a convention with better weather.  It is just that beautiful.

Outside of the FUNimation, there was no real industry presence on the panel side.  Section 23 films, aka the Williams’s formerly of ADV, and Mediablasters had tables in the dealer’s room, but no panels.  Such is the state on an industry where sales are in the tank and a bunch of companies have gone bankrupt.  On the plus side, FUNimation did have 4 new/rescued title announcements to share with us, and the guests at Sakuracon in Seattle this same weekend.  There is also Anime Matsuri near Houston Texas and Anime Punch in Columbus Ohio this weekend.  That’s a lot of cons for one weekend.

Then the horror began.  The delicious delicious horror of Bad Anime! Bad! and my own Convention Horror Stories panel.  Such delicious pain inflicted upon others.  The featured movie for this year’s Bad Anime! Bad! was an early 1980’s production of Frankenstien, featuring Reeba “Minmay” West in a lead role (no, not as the monster though that would have been cool too), jamming revolvers, cinnamon bun rocks and the most ridiculous ending…ever.  And the Horror Stories is just plain fun.  Best one of all: I drove through New Jersey once.

I also had the good luck to be one of the people chosen to dub a few lines in the Pinesalad production panel on Fan Parody dubbing.  Sometime this coming week the results of the panel should be posted to the Pinesalad YouTube feed, though it is more than a little NSFW….as is the rest of Pinesalad’s work, so you’ve been warned.  That also was the end of the day, at about 1am ish.  So yes, anime cons run very, very, very, very late.

Now, on to Sunday!

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