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Anime Boston 2009 Day 3-This is the End, Beautiful Friend the End…

by on May 28, 2009

Anime Boston, Day three. Sunday, traditionally the dead day of the con as half the attendees make an early break for the exit, or just have an early flight to catch. Generally speaking there aren’t too many major events going on during Convention Sunday. Anime Boston 2009 was no exception. In fact, the only events in the main room were the cosplay chess match and closing ceremonies. Which is not to say that nothing was going on, only that, well, Sunday is just not the big day that Saturday is.

Following a very pleasant night of talking at the hotel bar with Tom Wayland and a few other folks and glorious, glorious sleep, Sunday kicked off with a run of panels with a gathering of ADR directors, the Voice Actors on the other side of the recording booth walls, and a State of the Industry roundtable with whoever from the industry that the convention could get together at 3 in the afternoon of getaway day. I would hope no one is particularly surprised about what goes into the Additional Dialogue Recording aka dubbing process on either side of the mic. The ADR grouping included Tom Wayland of Tripwire Studios, and Dave Williams and Chris Ayers of ADV. They went over the differences between the various studios, with some using a three bleep method while others allow the actors to follow the prerecorded voices of either the Japanese or English voice actors depending on what is available to use. One thing they did agree on was that, in the words of Dave Williams, “The voice actors get the fame, the directors get the money”.

Following the ADR directors round table was the Voice Actors round table featuring Veronica Taylor, Greg Ayres, both Tom Wayland and Chris Ayers (as they both direct and act), Travis Willingham, and Laura Bailey. Among other tidbits, it was confirmed that Tom Wayland is, in fact, the guy mistaken for a girl in one of the national auto insurance ads running right now. The session turned out to be very lively. Apparently every one of them has a line they’ve recorded that made them question why they were a voice actor, as they displayed simultaneous looks of horror when asked that question. Grey Ayers also seemed quite wistful about the plethora of rumors about him.

Anime Boston wrapped up with what was supposed to be a State of the Industry panel. Instead, it turned into the Neil Nadelman and Eric “Weatherman” Stehmer Talk About the Industry panel as none of the actual industry folks showed up. Surprisingly, no misinformation was spread and everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy themselves. I’ll take that as a victory. And that was the end of Anime Boston 2009, save for the “Surviving an Anime Con on a Budget” panel, feedback and the closing ceremonies. Friday 10am to Sunday 6pm. Roughly 80 hours, give or take a few bits of dead time. I dare anyone to find a better way to spend 80 hours. Any legal way at least.

After the massive issues of Anime Boston 2008, I must say the organizers of this years convention absolutely knocked the ball out of the park. The reintegration of the space in the neighboring Sheraton hotel for things like the dance room, gaming and a few other things that attract crowds but don’t need huge amounts of space really opened up the floor design. I hope they decide to stick with that layout for the coming year. I also hope that they move the industry panels back to the main convention hall as the Sheraton does not offer free WiFi in their meeting spaces. It makes a difference to those of us lacking in AirCards. Anime Boston 2010 will be April 2-4, so we’re marching forward a bit on the calendar. Works just fine for me. Does it work for any of you?

The photo gallery for the convention can be found here http:https://www.flickr.com/photos/weatherman2111/

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