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Anime Boston 2006: Media Blasters

by on June 14, 2006
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Media Blasters gave a brief panel on their current plans for 2006 and beyond. This year is the 10th anniversary of Media Blasters. The company plans to have some major >

Highlights of the panel are as follows:

* Media Blasters confirmed a new OVA in the Kite universe not staring Sawa, as well as a live-action Kite movie.

* Media Blasters also confirmed that more Eikken is in production.

* The second season of Ahh! My Goddess TV was confirmed as a Media Blasters >

* Media Blasters has licensed the Level C and Crimson Blade mangas.

* Media Blasters will be releasing Voltron–first as the TV broadcast edition, then as the Go Lion! and Dairuga shows uncut. No 3-D Voltron will be included.

* Media Blasters is unsure on the BluRay and HD-DVD formats. The company has no particular interest in computer-based download services, although they have been supporting a mobile phone service. They will not be giving the UMD format any support.

* Media Blasters is still interested in the second season of Beserk if it comes together in Japan.

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