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Anime Boston 2006: Media Blasters

by on June 14, 2006

Media Blasters gave a brief panel on their current plans for 2006 and beyond. This year is the 10th anniversary of Media Blasters. The company plans to have some major property announcements at AX.

Highlights of the panel are as follows:

* Media Blasters confirmed a new OVA in the Kite universe not staring Sawa, as well as a live-action Kite movie.

* Media Blasters also confirmed that more Eikken is in production.

* The second season of Ahh! My Goddess TV was confirmed as a Media Blasters property.

* Media Blasters has licensed the Level C and Crimson Blade mangas.

* Media Blasters will be releasing Voltron–first as the TV broadcast edition, then as the Go Lion! and Dairuga shows uncut. No 3-D Voltron will be included.

* Media Blasters is unsure on the BluRay and HD-DVD formats. The company has no particular interest in computer-based download services, although they have been supporting a mobile phone service. They will not be giving the UMD format any support.

* Media Blasters is still interested in the second season of Beserk if it comes together in Japan.

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