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Anime Boston 2006: ADV Films

by on June 14, 2006

ADV announced at Anime Boston 2006 the licensing of a new property, Jinki: Extend. The show, based on a manga by Sirou Tunasima, tells the story of a young, somewhat flighty middle-school aged girl named Aoba who lives in near future Japan with her grandmother and has a knack of model kits and other things related to machines. Following the death of her grandmother, the girl is kidnapped on her way home from school by a mysterious man and is taken to a secret military base in the backwoods of Japan. There she meets with her dream, a giant robot tasked with defending Japan from a variety of Kaiju-esque monsters that inhabit “table mountains.” The series will contain 12 episodes. No additional details have been released at this time.

ADV also cleared up some details about their plans for the future and their present properties. They are working on getting the Elfen Lied OVA episode. The 10th Anniversary release of Neon Genesis Evangelion (Eva) will include a very limited jacket with the Eva logo on the back and a GAINAX patch on the front. ADV has lost the rights to Battle Angel Alita, as the rights have been bought by James Cameron.

ADV does not have any plans at this time to support either BluRay or HD-DVD. More web-exclusives and downloadable titles are possible in the future. ADV continues to explore the possibility of more non-Anime Network airings of the properties. Neither Gasaraki or Lost Universe will be getting the thin-pack treatment.

ADV is opening a new merchandise store on their site with customizable t-shirts up to size XXXXL. The store will also feature merchandise from ADV shows, such as Azumanga Daoih, Angelic Layer, and more.

There was no mention of the Eva live action movie project.

ADV does plan to make some more property announcements between now and AX. Having been quiet as of late, they will soon be laying out a new direction for the company.

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