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Animation Copyright Protection Service Week Begins in Beijing

by on December 23, 2009

The English language site of China’s CCTV reports that Animation Copyright Protection Service Week has launched in Beijing this week to develop “effective copyright protection measures, combining the efforts of animation makers and producers, intellectual property experts and the government.” (NOTE: Link includes embedded video.) The article states that China’s Pleasant Sheep and Big Bad Wolf, called China’s version of Tom & Jerry, is wildly popular but also widely pirated. The event will continue at the first International Animation Copyright Fair in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Widespread and endemic piracy has long been a problem for foreign media companies attempting to develop operations in China, but a report from Xinhua that notes the way cartoons and graphic novels have become big business in the country (also noting the success of Pleasant Sheep and Big Bad Wolf) probably explains the government’s sudden interest in intellectual property protection.

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