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Animated Addams Family Movie Now In Production

by on October 13, 2017

Pop culture hasn’t been altogether ooky in some time — where are the Addams Family hiding? Could they be creeping back soon, and in what form?

Animated, it sounds like — which is fitting, as they started in the form of Charles Addams’ cartoon drawings. The Addams Family has taken on many forms over the decades, from live-action sitcoms to feature films starring Anjelica Houston to Saturday Morning cartoons. Now, if the project gets off the ground, they could become CGI animated characters as well.

Variety is reporting that director Conrad Vernon (Sausage Party) is attached to the project, and that he will also be producing with Gail Berman and Alex Schwartz. The script has been written by Pamela Pettler with touch-ups by Matt Lieberman, while Andrew Mittman and Kevin Miserocchi are serving as executive producers. The film will be released through MGM.

The Addams Family will never truly die, and not just because you can’t kill them. They are a perfect prejudice allegory that fits any era. To anyone looking in on the outside, the Addamses are horrifying. They live in a creepy mansion covered in cobwebs where they play with knives. They associate with monsters and disembodied moving hands. Their kids nearly kill each other on a regular basis. What no one ever notices is that they are one of the most loving, functional families ever created. They just have an extremely off-putting, upside-down means of expressing it.

To do the Addamses right, you need one crucial ingredient, and that’s an antagonist who looks normal on the outside but is actually very mean or selfish and deserving of a takedown — contrasting the family. Addams Family Values understood this and pulled it off perfectly, especially in this scene (you already know what scene this is).

No release window has been set for the new Addams Family movie as of yet.
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  • October 14, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    I hope this can be as good as the Addams family values

  • October 15, 2017 at 10:03 am

    I'm happy the Addams are finally coming back after many years and I'm somewhat glad it will be in animated form instead of live action even though I think there are a handful of actors who could currently perhaps portray them. However, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to CGI. Animated tv shows and tv movies have 3D that is okay for their needs, but quite mediocre overall. If this film will come out in theaters, I hope that's the case, there's at least hope the CGI will be fairly decent and won't look entirely bad as long as they get the mood right. Hopefully this will force WB to finally release the 90s series, which was amazing, on MOD DVD. Just wondering, what does MGM have to do with this?

  • October 16, 2017 at 1:46 am

    I haven't see the 60s series in a long time, but it sure does really impress me that they are making a movie.

  • October 16, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    As someone who loves the original 60s series and the 90s movies/cartoon, I'm super excited about this animated movie. I hope it all goes great.

    I have my doubts though about how this will do critically (especially in how the director also worked on Sausage Party,) but I hope it's faithful to the Charles Addams cartoons (if not the original series and movies at the least). Time will tell if it'll be neat and sweet or a real scree-um. (Geddit?)

    Just wondering, what does MGM have to do with this?

    MGM is distributing the film. It also owns the 60s series.

    I haven't see the 60s series in a long time, but it sure does really impress me that they are making a movie.

    It does surprise me it's get made too, but the original series is still popular today to get another movie out of it. In fact that's how the 90s movies and series and cartoons got here too.

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