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"Angel Wars": Pacifist Christian Heroes That Actually Aren’t All That Bad

by on February 19, 2006

Cover art for Angel Wars - Guardian Force Volume 1.Does this describe you?

  • Per day, your kids spend more time at Sunday school than in real school.
  • You’ve been praying for deliverance from the evils of Pokemon and Gundam.
  • Your kids are finally too old for Veggie Tales.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your salvation is here. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Angel Wars: Guardian Force.

As all of you know, we are not alone. Just like in the real world, God himself is guarding us (not Alanis Morisette, real God). Except, in Angel Wars, He has a space navy.

In God’s futuristic battleship high in the clouds, the seraphim known as Micheal trains new Angels to protect mortals from vile sin. Two of those Angels, Eli and Kira, must face off against the evil Morg, one of the greatest devils this world has ever known. We humans can’t see them because of our flaws, making even tougher their mission to revive the faith of a poor, misguided scientist.

Mystical religiousness.We’ll leave aside the ideological implications of all this, and focus on the action. Or at least what passes for it. Though Angel Wars is technically an action cartoon, there’s only the tamest violence, and the only ones who get hurt are robots. (Of Satan!) Still, the action is pretty exciting, and the heroes take advantage of some very nice abilities, such as the ability to multiply and turn invisible.

Though not quite up to Ghost in the Shell standards, the CG animation is still well above older shows like Transformers Energon and ReBoot. The transfer is also pretty good, and it’s in widescreen! (Remember, pan-and-scan leads to Lucifer.)

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!But the script is completely cornball, and the action sequences have taken a page from anime with cheap manipulated still shots. Pass around the collection plate one more time, because apparantly God can’t afford to produce real animation. It’s a shame, because beneath its problems and limited appeal, the series has potential.

The Christian Music Group enlists Sactus Real, Kutless and dc talk to provide music for the disc, and while it’s not quite traditional, it’s unintrusive. The voice cast is mostly newcomers, but they fit their roles pretty well. (Certainly better than Sorceror Hunters — but then, if you’re reading this, I doubt you’d let your kids see that anyway.)

This looks rather Toonami-esque.Unfortunately, with only one episode, there’s not much divine bang for your conscientiously spent buck on this disc, and the fate of the series itself is now up in the air. Still, 3-D models on the disc and a free drawing lesson make for unique extras, though you may cringe when you realize that the art segment is actually longer than the feature itself. Fans of Christian rock will be happy to see not one, not two, but three music videos from Sanctus Real, Kutless and Falling Up.

Angel Wars: Guardian Force is not as bad as one might expect, and parents who subscribe to its set of beliefs and their children will probably both be satisfied. But hellbent heretics may want to steer clear.

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