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Ana Ortiz on Being Detective Anna Ramirez in "Batman Gotham Knight"

by on July 8, 2008

Warner Home Video has issued a new press release interview for Batman Gotham Knight. Actress Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) had originally auditioned for the role of Detective Anna Ramirez for The Dark Knight. She lost the role to Monique Curren, but was cast in the same part in the direct-to-video movie by Andrea Romano, who wasn’t aware of her live-action audition.

Ortiz stated that she enjoyed the fact that her character was a peacemaker, since “usually the roles I get are the in-your-face instigator or fighter.” She also enjoyed the fact that she got to beef up her “macho cred,” adding that, “My husband and all of his cartoony friends were really into it – they all watched my copy of the movie and dug it.”

For the full interview, plus three more images from the movie, read the full press release here.

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