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An Important Announcement

by on April 1, 2010

Dear readers,

We value your comments more than anything else. And, well, we’ve heard
your concerns about our just-unveiled new direction. Some of them were
constructive. Others were in all caps and misspelled. Regardless,
we’ve taken them all into account.

Therefore, we’re going to go back to our old direction, effective
We thank you for your patience during this experiment.

In addition, we’d like to apologize to the following people, places, or

Canada, Robert Zemeckis, William Hanna, Joe Barbera, Canada, Al Gmuer, the state
of Wyoming, Plaid shirts, 8-track tapes, everyone in the country named
“Michael”, Canada, Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, the DuMont network, the letter R, and Canada..

We’d also like to issue a special shout out to the people who have taken
any of the articles posted in the last 24 hours with any ounce of

Happy April Fool’s, everybody.

Special thanks to our posters: Karl Olson, Martianinvader, Replikon Xum, Jave, Lelouch, and Ed Liu.  And to everyone who’s read this and at least sort of believed the joke.

And if you missed our posts, here they are:

Wallace and Gromit to Star In R-Rated ‘Gangsta’ Movie

Australian Parliament Debates Banning All Cartoons

Robert Zemeckis Revealed to be Motion-Captured CGI
Animated Character

Japanese Plastic Resources At Critical Low, Blames
Hobby Industry

The Downfall of Cartoon Network: Just Blame Canada

Live Action Evangelion Plans Revealed: Eric Wereheim Tapped To Direct

Huge Pokémon Announcement: Piplup to be the new mascot!

Animation vs. Video Games UPDATE – More Characters Added!

New Anime Company Formed; Licenses Kodomo No Jikan


“Animation Vs. Video Games” to be Released on your Favorite Console!

Welcome To The NEW toonzone blog!

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