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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Recipe” Recap

by on July 10, 2014

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Gumball is determined to learn how Anton continues to come to school each day despite being destroyed in numerous ways.

This was a fun episode of Gumball, but it was also very predictable. I know plots are often recycled in animation, but generally any episodes about cloning all follow the exact same tropes. I suppose the episode deserves credit for not having all of the clones try to become “real”, as only the burnt toast was interested in doing that, but everything was fairly by-the-book right down to the ending where a clone ended up surviving. Still, there were a number of good gags. Richard’s brief desire to eat all of the clones was amusing and I liked how easily all of the clones were defeated with a little bit of water. It was nice to see Anton get an episode, even if we barely got to see the real Anton due to the emphasis being on the clones. It’s hard to tell if the actual Anton has enough of a personality to get another episode down the road, but with two more seasons ordered, perhaps he’ll get another shot to prove he’s something more than a prop. Time will tell.

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