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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Promise” Recap

by on September 23, 2013


Darwin and Gumball plan to spend the entire weekend playing a new video game, but when Darwin learns that Banana Joe is mad at him, he promises to spend time with Banana Joe as well in order to find out why he is upset.

Gumball Promise 2

While this wasn’t a bad episode, I can’t say that I cared very much about it. It didn’t really have a climax, so the plot had no payoff and nothing really happened in it. I suppose they didn’t want to have Banana Joe seek revenge on the boys since he has done that several times now, but without such a moment the scene at the gym just came off as sad. He hurt himself over and over, thinking that his friend would show up to help him out of his predicament, only for that help to never come. I’ve never been a fan of characters being abused out of nowhere, and it’s not any easier to swallow when that’s directed towards somebody aside from the main characters in this series. Still, there were a few jokes that I really liked and it had a nice bonding moment between Darwin and Gumball, so this turned out okay in the end.

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