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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Plan” Recap

by on November 20, 2013


When the kids find a letter that was written to their mother by a man named Daniel Lennard, they become convinced that he is trying to steal them from her.

Gumball Plan 1

Gumball has many interesting episodes, but this one may be the most interesting of them all. Nothing really happens in it – instead, we see the characters imagine what would happen. When Anais, Darwin and Gumball become convinced that somebody is trying to steal their mother from them, they formulate a master plan that will allow them to find the dastardly villain responsible and convince him to leave their mother alone. All throughout the episode, they narrate their potential actions while we see those actions taking place, similar to what is done in movies like Ocean’s Eleven, but the kicker is that they constantly fail and are forced to re-narrate the scene in order to correct their mistakes. For example, the first part of the plan calls on Darwin to trick his mother into going to work via telephone, but he first makes the mistake of calling her from another in-house telephone. When she turns around, she sees him and the kids are forced to re-work the plan by having Darwin use a payphone. I liked how it was all executed.

Gumball Plan 2

It’s also interesting to note that Daniel Lennard, the mysterious man who was the focus of this episode, is actually the show’s Executive Producer. He didn’t show up until the billboard at the end, as the “Daniel Lennard” that got most of the screen time was an imagined one, but I really like how this show manages to give reference to its creators without this feeling out of place. Mic Graves, who directs and writes for the show, has had his name plastered on just about every fictional item in the show and has even showed up several times on the in-show internet and television. Fans of the show can keep an eye out for these little cameos, as more often than not they’re not focused on heavily and it’s fun to see when you do notice them.

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