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Adventure Time – “The Creeps” Recap

by on October 17, 2011

Finn and Jake get an anonymous invitation to a dinner party in a creepy manor. Cordial fun with Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo, and Cinnamon Bun come to a screeching halt when the party is revealed to be a ruse orchestrated by a murderous ghost. The guests fight for their life in a haunted house as Finn tries to deduce the ghostly killer.

This episode is “Mystery Train”. They’re both share the same setup, they same plot progression, and essentially the same ending. The only thing keeping the episode from being a blatant lift from Season Two are the couple of referential jokes that acknowledge the first murder mystery adventure. Despite the lack of originality, the writers manage to take the same plot and reinterpret it in a different but equally entertaining way. While starting out with a similar murder-mystery premise, “The Creeps” quickly turns into a ghost story as the kills become more creative and convincing. The story is eventually wrapped up in a similar way to “Mystery Train”, with a clever explanation behind the events happenings and a darker hook that allows for more questions. 


While all the episode doesn’t focus on her, Lumpy Space Princess steals the show with her quick quips throughout the episode. Pendleton Ward’s voice makes practically anything that comes out of LSP’s mouth a laugh riot, and her valley-girl schtick hasn’t gotten old yet. The expressions in this episode have a simple yet humorous feel to them, and the episode does get genuinely thrilling at times. This episode’s major problem though, is that it feels so reliant on being a copy of “Mystery Train”. The episode’s main joke is how similar the whole situation is to the first episode, and it doesn’t really have as much legs as a standalone story. It was a fun Halloween-themed ride, but with this and next week’s zombie episode that seems eerily similar to Season One’s “Slumber Party Panic”, I’d rather the Adventure Time crew come up with newer things to write about.

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