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Adventure Time – “Shh!” Recap

by on May 16, 2013

In this week’s Adventure Time, Finn and Jake decide to spend their day by playing a game: neither of them are allowed to speak, and they can only use pre-written cards to communicate. Both Finn and Jake’s refusal to lose the game scares BMO in the process, causing him to hide himself in the wall. Jake shrinks and goes into the wall to cheer BMO up and explain everything. Meanwhile, scantily-clad women begin flocking together outside the treehouse.

As seen from last week’s episode, a heartfelt tribute disguised as a simple, strange romp, Adventure Time is capable of hidden depth while also AdventureTimeSsshbeing fun, surreal television. Despite a dedication to the late storyboarder Armen Mirzaian, this week’s episode is less of a cryptic metaphor and more of a chance for guest artist Graham Falk to have some fun within the show’s world. His style is nowhere near as distinctive or different as David O’Reilly’s or James Baxter’s, meaning that there isn’t too much that’s different from normal episodes, aside from Falk’s simple, flat character designs that make appearances now and then. In fact, several scenes in the episode feel present only to show off some of Falk’s artwork. Graham Falk has some aesthetically pleasing designs and funny facial expressions, but there doesn’t really seem to be much of a point to the exercise.

Therein lies the main problem with this episode; it’s fun and cute, but ultimately too incoherent. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the episode’s main plot, but it feels like the episode was a jumbled-up mix of ideas they couldn’t fit into other stories. BMO’s favorite song, the creatures living inside the wall, and the group of bikini-clad girls all feel like strange additions that don’t really go anywhere or add to anything; they just come, pique your interest, and then leave without much of an impact. Adventure Time has done great things with simple, odd, and disjointed ideas, but “Shh!” feels a little too half-baked this time around.

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