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Adventure Time – “Puhoy” Recap

by on April 11, 2013

Finn, Jake, and Beemo sit out another knifestorm by staying inside and making a pillow fort.While Jake enjoys himself,  Finn finds himself obsessed with the state of his own relationship with Flame Princess. Paranoid about his relationship becoming passionless and unfulfulling, Finn decides to spend some alone time in the pillow fort, but wanders too far in and gets stuck in a pillow world instead. Finn quickly becomes a hero to the Pillow Kingdom and becomes caught up in this new world.

With unorthodox episodes like “A Glitch is a Glitch” and “Simon and Marcy,” Adventure Time‘s recent season has been chock full of odd, high-concept episodes that any other cartoon on television would be loath to do. That makes it all the more surprising to see a seemingly normal episode, the first in weeks, turn into one of the strangest episodes the show has ever had. Not only does this episode mess around with time extensively, having Finn age as the episode goes on, the tone of the episode also gets more serious and realistic by the end of Finn’s time in the pillow world. Even stranger still, the episode reveals itself to be an animated remake of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light,” complete with an appearance from TNG star Jonathan Frakes.

The episode itself doesn’t meet the comic highs, visual eye candy, or dramatic pathos as previous episodes have achieved and as a result feels pretty ho-hum compared to the rest of season five. With that said, the writers milk a lot of great visual gags from the nature of the pillow world, from a pillow dragon to a pillow bird that poops smaller pillows. In addition, the scenes of Finn as an aging father are surprisingly poignant considering the context.  “Puhoy” isn’t a series high-point, but it takes enough successful storytelling risks to be an interesting watch.

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