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Adventure Time – “Paper Pete” Recap

by on January 18, 2012

Jake brings Finn to the library to study up on Rainicorn history and culture, but Finn decides to wander around the library halls instead. While there, he discovers a secret society of paper knights, led by the chivalrous Paper Pete. Finn tries to enlist Jake into the fight between the Pagelings and the menacing Moldos threatening the library, but Jake’s skepticism proves to be a major stumbling block for Finn.

After a long break, Adventure Time is finally back at a new time with new episodes. This adventure was a lot smaller in scope than usual, with Finn becoming a Gulliverian observer in a literally tiny conflict.
The concept of a secret war in a library is a simple yet interesting one, but this episode in particular felt too simple. The story flows along in a pretty linear, straightforward path, and by the time the plot gets rolling, the episode’s already over. Most of the episode’s running time is spent towards Jake obstinately refusing to believe what’s right in front of him, which is a bit frustrating for a show that never treats its characters or its viewers like idiots.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome series creator Pete Browngardt makes a guest appearance as Paper Pete, using his usual Steve Little-ish Uncle Grandpa voice to play the part. The designs for both the Pagelings and the Moldos are cute and simplistic, but I’m disappointed in what little we got to see of the library as a setting. The exterior shots and title card display the Turtle Princess’ library as a massive, wondrous place, but the most we get to see of it is a small room and a few hallways. Similarly, the Turtle Princess herself barely gets any spotlight for the first episode to actually take a look at what she does (which is mostly shushing Finn.) “Paper Pete” is far from a bad episode, but it’s as close to baseline Adventure Time as you can get, and there’s not much about it that really stands out from the show’s more stellar entries.

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