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Adventure Time – “One Last Job” Recap

by on June 14, 2013

In this week’s Adventure Time, Jake receives an urgent request from a mysterious malefactor: he must steal the Baker’s Shard, the purest, most valuable sugar crystal in the Candy Kingdom in exchange for the life of his daughter, Jake Jr. Unable to pass through the kingdom’s top-notch security alone, Jake assembles his old gang of thieves for one last job. While the heist proceeds as planned, Jake wonders if his can trust his old friends.

I’m a big sucker for heist films, so it was really nice to Adventure Time try to take on that genre and put an original spin on it. As usual, the writers introduce new, memorable characters like Gareth, a one-off character with a hilariously detailed design and some great voice work from Regular Show‘s Sam Marin. The Flying Lettuce Brothers also have a strange but interesting character design. One thing I liked the most about this episode, though, was the writer’s willingness to use the world they’ve built for five seasons to their advantage and utilize old characters and events to their fullest potential.  Tiffany (a bit character who hadn’t been used since the first season) and Jake Jr. (voiced by the hilarious Kristen Schaal) both reappear, and the episode’s plot is based off of small references from episodes like “My Two Favorite People” and “Apple Thief”. While I’m glad that this show focuses primarily on new ideas, it’s great to see older, forgotten ideas get reused and repurposed in fresh ways every now and then.

Jesse Moynihan continues to storyboard with a very clean, aesthetically pleasing style, and the animators really take advantage of Jake’s stretchy nature in the episode, resulting in some of the most fluid, inventive animation in this season. A series of clever twists throughout the heist also make the episode engaging on not just a visual level. Episodes  like “One Last Job” really showcase the best of Adventure Time‘s qualities, from character design, to animation, to writing. This is one of the best episodes of the season, an episode that could only come from a show with a creatively rich backlog of ideas like Adventure Time.

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