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Adventure Time – “No One Can Hear You” Recap

by on November 14, 2011

In the process of rescuing the Candy Kingdom from a sugar-hungry deer,
Finn breaks both of his legs and Jake sustains a serious head injury.
Finn wakes up in the hospital to find the entire kingdom deserted, save
for a trash-rummaging Jake. Jake claims that everyone is planning a
surprise birthday party for him, but Finn quickly learns that Jake’s
story isn’t checking out.

After several effective “creepy”
episodes this season, the Adventure Time crew made another one, this
time creating a paranoia-soaked mystery. Unfortunately, this episode
doesn’t quite hit the highs set by “The Creeps” or “From Bad to Worse”.
There are a lot of elements in this episode that seem very creepy and
effective, like the mysteries about Jake’s mental state and the fate of
the Candy People. But it always feels like the writers botched creepy
ideas by giving them rather mundane, predictable explanations. Even
before the mysteries are revealed, they never really seem to have that
much fun with them. Aside from the initial reveal of how long Finn was
in the hospital and the chase scene near the end, this episode never
really surprises or shocks. It’s just a slow parade of “well, that was
creepy, sort of” scenes that leads to an ending which doesn’t make the
buildup pay off and feels surprisingly obvious, considering this show’s
penchant for odd, out-of-left-field endings.

I really liked the
unsettling way some of scenes were shot, even if the writing itself
wasn’t that creepy. Jarring cuts, stark camera angles, dark and ethereal
background music, and well-placed silence provides most of the creepy
feel of the episode, and a few good reaction shots from Finn provided
most of this week’s laughs. I admire the effort to attempt a less
traditional, more subtle “horror” episode, but it feels like there were
so many better tries during this season alone. “No One Can Hear You”
just feels superfluous and bland in comparison.

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