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Adventure Time – “Mystery Dungeon” Recap

by on January 23, 2013

Tree Trunks, the Earl of Lemongrab, Shelby the Worm, NEPTR, and the Ice King wake up in a mysterious, labyrinthine dungeon.  Before this motley crew has time to work out their differences, the deadly obstacles in the dungeon force them to think quick and work together to escape the dungeon. As they use each other’s special skills and talents to pass through traps, the group starts to become suspicious about Ice King’s motives and the secret in the center of the dungeon.

Over the course of four seasons, Adventure Time has built up a cast of memorable supporting characters. So many, that it feels that some of them don’t often get the screentime they deserve. The writers did a good job rectifying that by giving an entire episode to the C-listers and letting fan favorites like Lemongrab, NEPTR, and Shelby get their chance to shine without the presence of Finn or Jake. The result is a hilarious episode that is brilliant in it’s simplicity. The plot of the episode sounds less like a story and more like a writing exercise; what happens when we plop five random characters into a room and let them play off of each other? While more well-known characters like Lemongrab and Ice King steal the show, each character gets their own moment to solve an obstacle, with everyone getting their share of memorable lines (especially Shelby).

The ending is where the episode slightly veers off the rails with a sudden plot shift that engulfs the rest of the episode. It’s sudden turn from having several random people on an adventure to “The Ice King is weird and lonely” seems like a bit of a waste, considering we’ve had no drought of those lately. It was cute to see Fionna and Cake again (as well as another cute meta-jab at fanfiction), but it seems like something lifted from the end of a completely unrelated story. I did like that they tied it in with NEPTR’s search for fatherly love, but they didn’t really do as much as they could have. Out-of-place ending aside, this is one of the most insane and hilarious episodes Adventure Time has had in a long time.

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